Matzoh Ball Soup for the Soul

by Ada on November 29, 2009

Good evening chicos y chicas! I hope everyone had an awesome Saturday. This morning began with an uber-creamy Wallaby yogurt

And the usual vitabrownie PB covered nanner combo
Iced coffee-in-a-jar
The Madre and I then drove to the Upper West Side Whole Foods to do some serious damage. Driving permits us to commit even more damage, since we don’t have to lug heavy bags around. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, low-grade fever, and runny nose, so I knew it was time to reign in the beast. I purchased a packet of Emergen-C and a bottle of tea at Whole Foods, which I proceeded to mix together. For the record, I do not believe Emergen-C does anything to aid illness, I was simply hoping it would have a placebo effect;)
The damage in all it’s entirety:
My favorite items purchased were carob powder, multi-grain pancake mix, and vanilla soy milk. That would make a great menage-a-trois, no?

I also could not resist this cup of pre-cut fruit which grabbed my wandering eyes
I had my usual PB sammy for lunch ( I live on the edge, I know) served with a delicious vanilla soy milk/ carob powder drink. Delish!
I pretty much wasted the remainder of the day doing who knows what. I managed to complete a creative writing assignment, which I guess was borderline productive. Early evening I met an amigo to go shopping for a bit. We stopped at Gray’s Papaya, a famous Upper West Side establishment, where the amigo proceeded to inhale two hot dogs.
The amigo was really not feeling well (I’m hoping it’s not the flu) so I suggested we grab some Jewish medicine, aka matzoh ball soup. We headed over to Artie’s, a Jewish delicatessen on Broadway. I like Artie’s because they bring out delicious pickles and cole slaw, rather than a bread basket.

The menu even listed the matzoh ball soup as “Jewish Penicillin”, which I thought was a cute touch;)
I bid the amigo adieu and then headed home for a relaxing and lazy Saturday night. A bit later I had some roasted veggies the Madre made topped with salsa
And the remainder of her sweet potato topped with some triple-layer hummus. Delicioso.
For dessert I had some dark chocolate bark that I picked up from Jacques Torres on my way home.
I’m going to go to bed pretty early tonight, since tomorrow morning I am interviewing the ambassador of Venezuela for a Spanish project. I’m super excited (though nervous, of course) since I’m sure it shall be quite interesting. Have a fun night, everyone:)

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