Ayurveda Cafe

by Ada on February 22, 2010

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice Sunday! My day has been one of the best ever, though swimming in a vat of ice cream while taking in views of the French Rivera and being fanned by topless male models could potentially rival it;)
This morning began with Tri Team practice, which consisted of a one and a half hour swim. I ended up only staying for around forty minutes, since I was rather sore from yesterday. My friend is determined to teach me how to drive (I failed my test last summer thanks to a little parallel parking mishap) so he took me out on the road to practice. I felt bad subjecting my friend to my, err, less than stellar driving skills, but he didn’t seem to mind.
The stress of dodging rogue taxi cabs left me one hungry mamacita, so my friend and I headed to Cafe Ayurdeva for lunch. Cafe Ayurdeva serves vegetarian Indian cuisine and does not have a menu. Instead, you pay a fixed price and the waiters bestow a bounty of assorted items onto you. Today’s selection included brown rice, raita, daal, a chickpea/spinach dish, salad,vegetable korma, and a fried cauliflower patty. All were quite delicious and it was nice to sample such a wide array of dishes.

It also came with bread that was a hybrid between naan and roti along with chutneys for dipping.
Dessert consisted of a deliciously sweet coconut halvah.
I really enjoyed the meal and thought it was an extremely good deal. Every day the items change, so I look forward to sampling more!

After our Indian themed feast I headed to my friend’s lab to study for my Global Health midterm tomorrow. I couldn’t help but oggle over my new bike as well:)
Around 3PM we simultaneously professed a strong craving for soft serve and walked one mile downtown to get some The Lite Choice. I had a wafer cone containing vanilla and chocolate mint flavors while we slowly meandered back uptown. Life is good:)
I had a meeting regarding the magazine I co-run and was greeted by the most delicious cookies made by the lovely Deena (the same one who made that amazing squash creation last week). These cookies contained muesli, apple sauce, brown sugar, and chocolate chips and were pure love:)
I was still pretty stuffed from lunch, but the Madre had prepared a delicious Sunday night dinner that I couldn’t turn down. We began with a Mediterranean salad
And then had a gorgeous fillet of artic char (similar in texture/taste to salmon)
Served with roast veggies and drizzled with lemon juice.
A sweet potato on the side
After dinner I couldn’t resist digging into Deena’s cookies. I am seriously in a sugar coma right now.
Alrighty, it’s back to studying for tomorrow’s midterm. Quick quiz: What do you think the leading cause of death is in low income and high income countries? I shall reveal the answer tomorrow!
Have a great night everyone:)

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