Miami Race Pics

by Ada on February 5, 2010

Hello everybody! I just wanted to start off by thanking you all SO much for your kind words regarding the Miami Half Marathon. I was definitely pleased with my time but, most importantly, I had a great experience and enjoyed visiting a new city. The race pictures came out really quickly, so I decided to include a couple embarrassing ones:
The beginning of the race was completed in total darkness. It was so surreal to run past the lit-up cruise ships in all their splendor.

The finish line:
I tried to channel my inner Quaker by making peace signs as I crossed the finish line. In reality I just looked like a total dork haha.

Between Miami and returning back to school this week has been a total whirlwind! I’m still adjusting to my spring semester schedule and am not a huge fan of it. My classes run much later into the day, so I feel like I’m going non stop from 5AM to 11PM. I’m not complaining, just attempting to figure out a way to get more sleep.
Last night, however, I got to remove myself from the bubble of stress and head to my friend’s home for dinner. My friend is an amazing cook and always creates the best concoctions. We began with a simple salad that contained spinach and thinly sliced onion. I don’t generally enjoy posting pics of myself on the blog, but I thought this photo my friend snapped was funny. In this picture I am totally making fun of my friend for having hippy Green Goddess dressing;)
For the main course we had an amazing bowl comprised of Chilean sea bass ( one of my favorite fish varieties), bamboo infused rice (loved the texture, which was a cross between risotto and sushi rice), and Chinese spiced green beans. Each component was amazing separately and together they formed a delicious commingling of flavors.
For dessert we busted out some Japanese mochi cakes
And then had a grand sampling of The Lite Choice bars, which Claudia had kindly bestowed upon me. I had stored them in my friend’s freezer, since I did not have a chance to head home after the tour.
We began with the coffee-espresso bar, which was perfection. I loved how smooth and silky the texture was.
We also shared a cookies n’ cream and vanilla bar which were both fantastic as well. My favorite was definitely the vanilla one, which possessed a well defined flavor. We were tempted to eat every bar in his freezer, but decided to show some degree of restraint;)
Thank you for having me for dinner, amigo!
NYC has been super cold this week, especially contrasted with the Floridian temps of yonder weekend
Oh, warm weather, how I miss thee.
My Aunt even had pomegranate (among other fruit) trees. I would save so much money if I could walk into my yard and simply pluck one of these bad boys!
Given the craziness of this week, I have not photographed the majority of my eats. I will leave you with some random pics including:
Blueberry Chobani with a slice of my FAVORITE bread in the whole wide world (raisin pumpernickel).
More raisin pumpernickel topped with peanut butter
The Madre’s amigo made the most amazing coconut cream pie I have ever tasted. See that missing half? Yeh, that was mostly due to me;)
Case in point:
I’ve also consumed many a pomegranate yogurt mess
My friend made me a loaf of incredible banana bread. It was perfectly moist and contained a nice degree of sweetness. We sat in a coffee shop and demolished 3/4 of the loaf in one sitting;)
Whole wheat, freshly warmed pita
Served with a falafal platter containing assorted veggie salads
from Soom Soom, a relatively-new vegetarian joint on the Upper West Side.
Veggies topped with homemade guacamole
More gorgeous pomegranate
More gorgeous pomegranate yogurt messes
Iced coffee-in-a-jar
Many a PB-topped nanner and dried figs
Whole Foods oatmeal, which I disappointingly realized contains added sugars
but I still added my own sugah in the form of chocolate chips and peanut butter
Reeses peanut butter oatmeal= drool.
Snack platter containing the world’s biggest farmer’s market apple, a PB topped nanner and raisin pumpernickel toast.
An overpriced salad containing:
-egg whites
-artichoke hearts
-basil balsamic vinaigrette
Served with a hunk of crusty baguette
More salsa-topped veggies
Perhaps a cookie from Magnolia Bakery. . .
Before I forget I would also like to acknowledge the award Jamie from Healthy Travels kindly bestowed upon me.
The award requires that I list 8 things that “make my day” so here it goes. . .
1) Starting the day with a leisurely breakfast and coffee while perusing the NY Times
2)Having an impromptu rendezvous with friends
3) Getting a good grade on a paper or exam
4) Helping someone else
5) Andy Samberg
6) Sushi. Enough said.
7) Feeling mentally stimulated by a riveting lecture (this has happened quite a few times in my Global Health class)
8) Finding out that I got my dream summer job. . .
Yup, earlier this week I found out I got the job I had applied for! I’m super excited, though I know it will be a TON of work. Don’t worry, this mamacita is always up for a challenge;) The job involves coordinating/managing the summer internship I did last summer at the ER where I currently work. I know that sounds confusing, but essentially I will be in charge of managing sixty college students. Hopefully they will be well behaved;) Thank you for all your good vibes regarding my earlier interview, I guess they definitely paid off!
I am supposed to bestow the award upon eight other bloggers, but I love you all so if you have not received the award yet consider it yours:)
I also apologize for not commenting on your blogs, I have been reading and will catch up on comments this weekend! Have a great night everyone:)