Tri Party and Peacefood Cafe

by Ada on February 7, 2010

Hola chicas y chicos! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far! Mine has been really nice, though mostly consumed by studying. Yesterday afternoon my Spanish class was randomly cancelled so I ended up with a semi-free afternoon. It worked out perfectly since my school was hosting a medical school fair which I got to attend.
I then met with an advisor regarding my major selection (ahhh, so stressful!) and returned home to complete some work. En route to the casa I grabbed a small cup of The Lite Choice (courtesy of Claudia) which contained vanilla and the delicious chocolate/espresso flavor.

I also stopped by Fairway to grab a couple items and walked out with. . .cactus fruit! My Aunt had introduced me to this while I was in Florida last weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I also had some H2O melon for some hydration
I then worked on preparing some items to bring to a party later that evening. I whipped up some brownies, which unfortunately were majorly burnt due to my negligence:( That didn’t stop me from eating six, though. I also made some guacamole, since you can’t have a true fiesta sans the avocado-laden dip;)
Mid-evening I met up with a friend at a bar (don’t worry, this good girl only had a diet coke) and then headed uptown to the triathlon team party. My lovely friend Lexi hosted it and it was extremely nice.
Lexi y yo

Girls photo shoot:
Us triathletes know how to par-tay! It was a really fun night and a big thanks to Lexi for hosting it!
Being the overtired grandma that I was (I had woken up at 4:45AM that morning) I headed home around 11:30PM and was in bed by 12:30. I did not head to bed, however, without indulging in some midnight munchies! I grabbed some of the Madre’s leftover whole wheat penne in arrabatia sauce, which hit the spot even though I normally do not enjoy pasta.
My body is so accustomed to waking up early that I could not sleep past 6:30AM. Boo. I made the most of my early arousal by consuming a leisurely breakfast of a vitamuffin (which I found buried in my freezer) with some peanut butter.
And a nanner topped with peanut butter.
Iced coffee-in-a-jar, por supuesto😉
I then headed uptown to Whole Foods to complete some shopping to remedy my near-barren fridge. I grabbed a three dollar chicken for the Madre, since you seriously cannot beat that deal.
I also grabbed tons of fruits and veggies (unpictured) and some staple items such as oatmeal, tofu, pinto beans, and tortillas.

The most exciting find, however, were these new Chobani yogurts! As a self-proclaimed Greek yogurt enthusiast, I was super pumped to find these. I grabbed the strawnana and very berry flavors
As well as the chocolate and honeynana flavors.
I even found the ever-elusive strawberry banana flavor which I look forward to sampling.
For lunch I whipped up a HUGE salad (I had to place it in an over sized mixing bowl to fit it) containing lettuce, heart of palm, tomatoes, peas, haricots verts, all topped with a mango salsa.

To accompany mi ensalada I tried one of the new berry Chobani’s, which honestly wasn’t super impressive. I missed the tanginess that the normally variety possesses, but I suppose they were catering towards a child’s sweet taste buds. I also wished that it came as fruit on the bottom (like the original varieties) rather than pre-blended.
Later on I tried the chocolate flavor, which was a definite winner! It essentially tasted like chocolate ice cream, which can never be a bad thing;)

I also had some majorly-overpriced fruit salad
And a HUGE hunk of chocolate chip banana bread from Soutine Bakery. Despite the simplicity of banana bread, it shall forever remain among my favorite desserts. This version was quite good, though the loaf my amigo made last week was much better:)
After an afternoon comprised of school work I was more than ready to grab dinner with my friend Zara. We returned to Peacefood Cafe, a cute vegan restaurant on the Upper West Side. We began with the quinoa salad which contained mixed greens mixed the super grain and avocado. The avocado was perfectly fresh and buttery and the vinaigrette provided a nice cohesion for the dish. I also loved how large and hearty the salad was.
For my entree I selected the four veggie plate which contained kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin), sauteed broccoli, coyote squash, and cauliflower. While I thoroughly enjoyed this dish, I wish they offered some sort of dressing or sauce to spruce up the flavor. A carrot-ginger dressing, for example, would offer a nice touch.
My friend ordered the veggie pizza, which I stole a large slice of:) The pizza was quite good, though the oregano seasoning was slightly overpowering. I loved the thin crust and large volume of veggie toppings, however.
The best part about Peacefood shall forever remain their dessert selection. So many options looked amazing, so my friend and I decided to split two. We shared the strawberry shortcake
And the coconut-blueberry-lemon cake. Holy. Freakin. Yum. This was probably in my top ten list of all-time favorite cakes. The actual cake was moist and flavorful while the blueberry filling contained well pronounced notes of lemon. You cannot forget the coconut icing, which was sweet without being overtly so. This dish was a real winner.
The waiter saw me taking pictures and asked for my blog URL. If you are reading this, thank you for the great dinner Mr. Peacefood, we shall definitely return soon:)
I noticed that many other blogs have begun an “Ask me any Question” series and I thought it would be fun to partake in it. Feel free to leave me a comment asking any pressing questions you might have and I will be sure to answer them. They can also be fun questions, such as “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” It’s mocha chip, by the way;)
I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and stay tuned for a fun blogger meet-up recap tomorrow!