You’re Too Sweet, Literally.

by Ada on April 10, 2010

Guys, buckle your seat belts. This is going to be one EPIC post;) I am currently huddled in a fetal position moaning with pleasure. Wait that sounds kind of naughty, scratch that. A more apt description would be hopping surreptitiously across my living room while dancing to Queen. Confused? You’ll learn more later;)
The day began with a lovely swim practice up on campus. The workout consisted of:
150 freestyle
50 kick
50 stroke
Repeat five times.
Main Set:
12X 175 as follows-
4X175 freestyle
4X175 pull (first 75 back, last 100 free)
4X175 IM order ( 75 IM order kick, 100 IM swim)
24X 25 (alternate 6 butterfly with 6 backstroke)
50 warm down
Total Yardage: 4000
My morning biology class was cancelled because my professor is attending a conference on fruit flies (fascinating, no?). I, therefore, returned home and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of samples I grabbed while fetching an iced coffee from Magnolia Bakery

And a healthier option of strawberries topped with Fage Greek yogurt and All Bran cereal
A HUGE apple from the Lincoln Center farmer’s market
I didn’t have class until 2:40, so I worked at home until it was time for lunch. Since it’s Friday I’m running relatively low on groceries so lunch consisted of bell peppers
And “overnight” oats containing one strawberry yogurt and about half a cup of oats. Delish!
When I returned to school my stomach starting flaring up and I felt quite ill. For some reason I got a strong urge for chocolate and picked up this Junior Mints which actually worked in calming my stomach! I rarely ever purchase candy, but sometimes you have to follow your cravings.
After la clase de espaƱol, my amiga Danielle and I headed to the village for some eats. We walked around for a long time and finally settled on this cute cafe for dinner which appeared quite popular.
I loved how the table contained a bowl of old-fashioned sugar cubes. Sweet touch!
To begin we shared the warm feta appetizer which was served with tomatoes, capers, olives, and a fresh spring of thyme.
For her entree, Danielle ordered their special Moroccan couscous, which was beautifully presented. See that mound of beige atop the grains? That would be hummus. Elise, this dish was made for you;)
I ordered their eggplant special, which came with three large rounds of the grilled aubergine. The first slice was topped with a goat cheese mixture, the second with pesto, and the third with olive tapenade. The olive tapenade was definitely my favorite, but maybe that’s just because I love olives:) The dish was placed atop watercress and served with two pieces of bruschetta.
After dinner we got this crazy idea to sample something at every single dessert place we passed by. It was a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Our first stop was at a cafe that ONLY sells variations on rice pudding. Sounds live heaven, no? The vast selection of flavors left me breathless and I had such a difficult time selecting one.
I loved this funny sign. . .
After selecting a bounty of flavors, including chocolate hazelnut, I ultimately settled on chocolate chip. I love the to-go containers they supply, this will definitely be handy for packing lunches!
Oh baby. This tasted like creme brulee, only better. Yes, that is possible.
Next stop was the classic tourist destination of Balthazar Bakery
We selected the oatmeal cookie, which was a bit dry, but good.
They also offered samples of a sweet bread which tasted like a buttery scone.
Next up: Baked by Melissa, AKA the mecca of miniature cupcakes.
The flavors we selected included peanut butter cup, s’mores, and cookie dough. These are by far my favorite cupcakes in NYC (which says a lot, since I generally dislike the doughy confections).
We continued our trek towards Bleeker Street, a haven for assorted frozen goodies.
We stopped by Rocco’s classic Italian Bakery, but ultimately didn’t get anything. . .
since we were too determined to reach our intended destination of Yogurtland!!! I loaded up my cup with cupcake batter, cookies n’cream goodness and topped it off with fresh fruit, captain crunch cereal, and mochi.
Up next: Cones. Shockingly, we were too sugared out to indulge in more frosty sweetness.
After passing Milk and Cookies, however, we decided a final cookie was in order.
Milk and Cookies is one of my favorite bakeries in New York. Just take one step into the cozy place and the scent will explain why. I couldn’t leave empty handed and selected a s’mores flavored cookie.
We were walking on the street and this kind woman offered to take our photo. I think she might have been a professional photographer, since she kept adjusting the angle and asking us to switch locations.
My partner-in-crime, Danielle, and moi:
I had such a great time with you, Danielle, and I look forward to our next gastronomic adventure!
Now you probably understand the beginning of this post, which refers to my sugar comatose state. All I can say is thank goodness I’m running 33 miles tomorrow! I hope everyone had a nice evening:)

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