Four Ice Cream Kinda Day

by Ada on May 31, 2010

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice Sunday, hooray for long weekends!
This morning I consumed a simple breakfast of strawberry Oikos yogurt with cereal

served with fresh berries
I then headed uptown to meet my friend Deena for a long run. I was feeling a tad thirsty, so I grabbed this popsicle before leaving the casa.
Feeling super cool with my blue tongue, I headed to her house.
We ran all the way from 110th St. down to Brooklyn and across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a very fun run, though the temperature was scorching. At one point I ran through some sprinklers to cool down. I wish I had brought my camera since we grabbed Mister Softee ice cream cones as soon as we reached Brooklyn. We then meandered around for a bit until we discovered Siggy’s, a cute vegetarian-friendly restaurant for lunch. Next time I promise to bring my camera!

Later on I biked up to campus and then walked three miles home. Given the immense heat I decided a second ice cream was necessary. I tried the new Breyer’s caramel dipped bar which was quite tasty and the perfect size.
I then showered and headed downtown to meet my friend Colin for some dinner. Today’s outfit featured a shirt and some cut-out leggings (you can’t see the detail in this photo). I seriously lack any skill in the fashion department and could use any advice you may have!
We wandered around the West Village until we stumbled upon a cute little French spot called Cafe Cluny. The server asked if we wanted bread, and we immediately said “yes”!
To begin we shared the yellowtail sashimi which was good, but lacked the proper degree of acidity. Perhaps a drizzle of lemon (or even better, lime) juice would brighten the dish up.
For my main course I mistakenly ordered the asparagus and mushroom appetizer. I love asparagus and I love mushrooms, so I assumed I would enjoy this dish. Not so. Four spears of asparagus could barely satiate a rabbit, let alone an athletic female.
I will say, however, that the accompanying goat cheese was quite tasty.
My friend ordered the tuna burger, which looked really good. I stole numerous fries that I dipped into the wasabi spiked tarter sauce.
Both the service and ambiance, however, definitely make up for the mere satisfactory food. The restaurant feels cozy and comfortable and the service was impeccable.
For dessert we headed down to Bleeker St where I assembled this heavenly fro-yo concoction.
Alrighty, I am exhausted after my long run today so I am going to hit the sack soon. Have a nice Memorial Day!

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