Almond Cake with Pomegranate Greek Yogurt Frosting and Blueberry N’Cream Filling

by Ada on July 5, 2010

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice fourth of July! My Independence Day began with a lovely 4,000 meter swim and a trip to the local farmer’s market where I loaded up on an abundance of fresh produce including summer squash

and peaches
A mid-afternoon snack consisted of this Nugo dark chocolate mint bar, which is hands down my favorite new bar. It tasted exactly like thin mint cookies, particularly when placed in the freezer for a few moments.
Lunch began with some tomato and avocado
Along with some fantastic gazpacho soup from Citarella’s. This gazpacho was exactly how I like it: Thick and chunky.
Given the scorching hot NYC temperature (almost 100 degrees!) I opted to stay within my abode and bake a cake. FOllowing recipes isn’t really my thing, so I experimented and ended up creating an interesting layer cake. For the cake layer I whipped up an almond yellow cake containing white flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and milk.
For the inner-layer, I’m ashamed to admit, I used a bottle of whipped soy cream. Why soy cream as opposed to regular ‘ole dairy? It was on sale;)
I mixed the soy cream with fresh blueberries and then spread a layer on top of one cake sheet.
I next placed the second cake layer on top very, very carefully. Thankfully it made the journey unharmed (a true miracle given my clutzy tendencies).
For the actual frosting I was stumped for a few moments. After perusing the contents of my fridge, however, I was struck by an epiphany. Pomegranate Greek yogurt frosting. I figured the tangy Greek yogurt would compliment the sweet cake nicely and provide a cooling effect in the hot weather. I whipped together Fage Greek yogurt with POMegranate juice, and a smidgen of confectioners sugar to thicken it up.
Next was the fun part, decorating! I jazzed up the top with leftover blueberries and then haphazardly drizzled red frosting all over.
The Madre brought the cake to a party she later attended and I heard it got good reviews;)

Before departing for her late night soiree the Madre and I consumed a lovely dinner of a farmer’s market sweet potato
seared tuna (from Zabar’s)
eggplant bruschetta
cedar grilled salmon (also from Zabar’s)
Vanilla and Scooptaschio The Lite Choice provided the perfect dessert
This morning I headed to work bright and early, but was able to leave around 1:30pm. I headed straight to the city’s gelato mecca (Grom) where I selected a frappe (three scoops of espresso gelato blended with straight-from-the-farm milk). Milkshakes are probably my favorite treat in the whole world, so this bad boy definitely hit the spot.
Later on I walked into Subway for some Lemonade and made an odd request for a side order of pickles. The owners gave me a strange glance but then happily obliged. Maybe they just assumed I was pregnant.
Mid-afternoon snackage included blueberries mixed with a persimmon (they are finally selling them at Fairway again!)
For dinner I had a true New York staple: bagels and lox. I topped my everything bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, and tomato from the farmer’s market.
I then got the brilliant idea to add pickles on top. Heaven.
To accompany the bagel I had a medley of roasted farmer’s market veggies and some corn.
I hope everyone had a nice weekend!
Food for Thought:
Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia– “a regular, fast (160-200 beats per minute) heart rate that begins and ends suddenly and originates in heart tissue other than that in the ventricles.”