Embarrassing Tri Photos and 5 Napkin Burger

by Ada on July 21, 2010

Hello everyone! The race pictures from Sunday finally came out and are just as embarrassing as I expected;) For those of you who asked, the Olympic distance triathlon consisted of:
1) A one mile swim in the Hudson River- This picture was taken as I ran from the swim exit to the transition area to mount the bike. Upon leaving the water my face was apparently caked in a lovely brown sludge. Gotta love the Hudson!

2) A 40k (around 24 mile) bike ride on the West Side Highway into the Bronx and back down to 56th St. This is the portion of triathlons I always dread because biking is a MAJOR weakness of mine. As you can see, the bike portion constitutes a significantly larger fraction of the race then the run and swim ones.

A 10k (just over six mile) run along the Central Park Loop. This was my favorite part since I’m so familiar with the loop and knew exactly where the down and up hills were located.
The day after the tri my neck was sore but, other than that, I was pain-free!

I’ve been busy with work and haven’t snapped many photos of my eats. Today our work held a make your own sundae party and I loaded up a cup with Edy’s ice cream and whipped cream. The perfect recovery fuel.
This evening I met my amigo Colin at 5 Napkin Burger, a relatively new addition to the Upper West Side’s eateries. I selected the Burger Salad where you get to select any type of burger to place atop a salad. I selected the tuna burger, which I requested rare.
Holy yum! This was some of the best tuna I’ve had in a LONG time. My only complaints are that I have an aversion to both wasabi and mayo, so I did not enjoy the thick layer on top. The tuna was so good, however, that the mayo issue melded into the back of my mind.
After dinner I grabbed a cone of coffee ice cream from The Lite Choice while my friend walked me home.
Alrighty, I only got four hours of sleep last night, so I definitely need to hit the sack now! I hope everyone is having a great week:)

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