Fig & Olive

by Ada on July 4, 2010

Hello everyone! Happy Fourth of July:)
After working the night shift Friday, it was not easy to get out of bed Saturday morning. I had a fun swim planned, however, so I bounded out of bed around 6AM. I met a friend at the pool and we completed a lovely 4,000 meters in approximately one hour and thirty minutes.
After my swim I headed upstate for yet another dip into the water at Lake Welch. I wanted to try out my racing outfit before next week’s Aquathlon and enjoyed escaping the city for a bit. Unfortunately the lake was quite crowded and loud due to the holiday weekend, but the water still felt great.

Ughh, I hate being in pictures haha.

For lunch the Madre and I stopped in Piermont, NY for a quick bite at a local deli. We selected some items to go and ate down by the river. We shared my favorite summer staple, gazpacho soup

along with a Greek salad
and watermelon.
No trip to Piermont would be complete without mint moosetracks ice cream!
On our way back to the city we stopped by Target where I found these hilarious cashews
which, in a strange way, actually sound kind of good.

I also purchased a lemonade for the car ride home. There’s nothing like lemonade on a ridiculously hot day!
After showering the lake water off and getting dressed up, I headed downtown to the uber-trendy meat packing district for a birthday dinner at Fig & Olive. The Madre, her amigo, and I have a tradition of sampling a new restaurant for each of our birthday’s. The Madre’s amigo birthday is on July 4th so we celebrated a day early with a Mediterranean feast.
To begin, the waiter brought out a freshly baked loaf of bread
Along with assorted olive oils from different regions for dipping.
The Madre and her amigo both selected the prixfixe menu which came with a choice of appetizer. The Madre selected the chicken samosa, which I tried a bit of. While the flavors melded together nicely, the word “samosa” was a misnomer. There was nothing remotely Indian about the dish and the flavors were purely Greek-inspired.
I normally order gazpacho wherever I go but, since I had it for lunch, I refrained and only sampled the Madre’s amigo’s. The soup was refreshing in the heat, but overall nothing spectacular.
I selected the crab and avocado soup, since I love both of those ingredients. I was hoping the crab would be in the soup but, instead, it came on top of bread and doused in mayo. The soup had a nice, creamy texture, but lacked any flavor and tasted rather bland. It definitely needed some spice or acidic notes.
Close up of the crab crostini:
The Madre and her amigo both selected the branzino for their entrees. At first I thought the black globs underneath the fillets were potatoes, but I later realized that they were figs. Holy yum! This dish hit a home run in terms of flavor and the fish was perfectly cooked.
For my entree I selected the Provence Vegetable and Chicken Salad, though I subbed out the chicken for shrimp. I absolutely loved everything in this salad, from the large portion size to the abundance of freshly grilled vegetables. My only critique is that the salad was doused in dressing, to the point where it was hard to eat without dripping balsamic onto my dress.
For dessert I split the berry pot-de-creme with the Madre, the perfect sweet note to end the meal on. I love that the portion sizes at Fig and Olive leave you satiated without feeling over stuffed.
The Madre and I (why do I look like a giant?)
The birthday boy:
Unfortunately, the meal actually ended on a sour note. We were sitting outside when one of the restaurant’s managers pulled one of the bus boys outside and started berating him. The manager handled the situation extremely poorly and the poor bus boy did not deserve to be treated like that. It is a sad reality that many of New York City’s bus boys work under similar conditions, since they are either illegal immigrants and, therefore, cannot defend themselves, or do not speak English. Either of those reasons is no excuse to treat somebody poorly. It also seemed quite strange that the manager would select a space within paying customers ears to handle the situation. While the food was quite good, I do not think I would return to Fig and Olive due to their treatment of workers.
On the way home I also grabbed this cup of The Lite Choice to bring home for the next day. I had been dying to try their new Scooptaschio flavor, which turned out to be very delicious!
I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend and enjoy the fireworks tonight!

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