Big Daddy’s Diner, Rodeo, and Puppy Love

by Ada on August 23, 2010

I awoke Sunday with one mission ingrained into my mind: completely clean my bedroom. For most, this would consist of a routine task involving making the bed and, perhaps, dusting off neglected window panes. For me, however, this task involved Herculean efforts and many cups of coffee. Extra dark.
Let’s just say I hadn’t cleaned my room in quite some time. Deep down I’m a neat freak, but you’d never know it from my bedroom. Between working, swimming, blogging, etc. cleaning lies low on my totem pole of priorities. As school approaches, however, I really want to cleanse my work spaces and start on an organized note.
After spending the early morning scrubbing, moving furniture, and stuffing as many tank tops as possible into my top drawer, I met my amigo Colin for a run in the rainy Central Park. I actually love running in the rain, love the feeling of the droplets cascading down your forehead and commingling with the beads of sweat and the earthworms that emerge onto the pavement writhing in their moist glory. I ran hard in an attempt to keep up with the speedy Colin and ended up completing the seven mile loop in under 45 minutes.
During the run my friend kept professing his fervent desire for a burger so, after quickly showering, we headed to Big Daddy Diner. While waiting for our table we slurped down some diet cokes, which never seem to taste as good as after a run.
I should mention that the service at Big Daddy never fails to be friendly and welcoming. Since we had to wait a bit for our waitress we received free refills on our beverages.

My friend got his burger alright. A “Dude” burger, to be exact. This massive hunk of meat was topped with bacon, tomatoes, avocado, and caramelized onions. Judging by the (nonexistent) remnants, I think my friend enjoyed it;) Since I thoroughly dislike french fries (strange, but true) I didn’t think I would like the tater tots. Boy, was I wrong! I liked the contrasting textures between the crunchy outside and smooth innards. Deeelish.
For my entree I got a HUGE salad. I love how a diner known for it’s greasy deep fried foods can also produce an impressively delicious salad.
On my way home I had a sudden craving for gelato. The weatherman, however, had a different idea and tried to deter me with epically torrential rain. I did not let some measly droplets of oxygen and diatomic hydrogen dissuade me and grabbed a snickers flavored gelato from ‘Screme. It was SO worth arrive home completely drenched;)
Sunday night dinner began with a container of assorted olives
and then proceeded onto a Mediterranean salad
and then concluded with fresh farmer’s market corn, roasted veggies and semolina raisin fennel bread (from Citerella’s) topped with smoked white fish salad. You guys often hear me profess my love of sushi and ice cream, but smoked white fish salad also ranks among my favorite foods. I purchased this particular variety from Zabar’s (they were having a great deal on it) and I think it might be my favorite kind yet!
Oh baby. Check out the chunks of cornichon hidden throughout the salad.
Today I was supposed to take the day off from work and head to Long Beach but, given the yucky weather, I decided to head into the office. Work went well and my co-workers and I later went to Rodeo for a nice lunch that began with chips and salsa.

My co-worker Calvin selected the half Yucatan chicken
while my supervisor selected the fried chicken sandwich
my other supervisor got the steak pita sandwich
while I opted for the shrimp taco salad. I really enjoyed this salad but, then again, I enjoy anything piled high with guacamole;)
The past few nights I’ve attempted to craft a “healthy” cream filled donut. I start by whipping together a simple batter containing flour, a smidgen of sugar, yogurt, eggs and baking soda and then tearing out the innards to form a vesicle for the pudding. I wish I could say I spent hours slaving over the stove to concoct a homemade pudding, but I’ve just been using the instant Jello kind;)
Once the donut is filled I place the cap back on.
The one pictured above was butterscotch flavor while the one below is ‘Smore’s flavored (chocolate chip donut with marshmallow fluff filling)
pistachio flavored (perfect for my office since we plow through numerous pounds of pistachios in any given week)
I really dislike pasta, but since the Madre had made some I decided to join her and piled mine high with sauteed veggies, making for a health and economical meal.
Two of my donuts came out flat so I made a little whoopie pie out of them. Yummmm.
I then proceeded to take pics of the pooch just because she’s adorable

Eventually she got sick of me taking photos of her at strange angles and proceeded to attack me with licks;)
I hope everyone is having a nice week so far!
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