Spring Street Natural, Dessert Club Chikalicious, and Ocean Grill with Grandma

by Ada on August 15, 2010

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending time with my grandmother, who is visiting from Florida. The temperature was absolutely perfect; a breezy 64 degrees with zero humidity providing the perfect walking weather. My grandmother shares my love of good cuisine and wanted to take advantage of New York’s great offerings. We began at Washington Square Park and proceeded to delve into the heart of the village.

For lunch we stopped at Spring Street Natural, which I knew my grandmother would thoroughly enjoy. To begin I had a hunk of their slightly-sweet sun dried tomato bread with a pat of butter.
My grandmother selected the grilled yellowfin tuna salad which came with a generous portion of the fish. I tried a piece and was blown away by how perfectly charred the tuna tasted.
For my entree I selected the chopped salad and opted for tofu as the protein source. The shreds of sharp cheddar added a nice bite to the salad.
After lunch we strolled down to Dessert Club Chikalicious for a three course dessert meal. The meal consists of an amuse bouche followed by a dessert of your choice and concluded with petits fours.

For the amuse a chef brought a bowl of strawberry soup with a chanterilly cream and agar gel to our table. The dish was extremely tiny but contained an interested array of textures, some of which I found too contradictory.
I was slightly disappointed by the options for the second course. None of them particularly stood out which was surprising since everything looked good at their take-out cafe across the street. In the end my grandmother selected a dish consisting of almond cake topped with a lemon cream and candied kumquats with a buttermilk ice cream. I wish I had taken notes because I cannot remember the full name. The dish was presented nicely, but the plate was WAY too big for such a small dessert. I thought all the flavors were good, but it was nothing mind-blowing.
For my second course I selected the poached cherries topped with corn ice cream served with a warm almond cake. I could not taste the corn flavor in the ice cream and the cake tasted eerily of packaged yellow cake. The poached cherries were fine but, again, not mind-blowing.
The final course consisted of selected petits fours that included a chocolate cookie, a coconut covered marshmallow and zucchini bread. The cookie was terribly dry and unpalatable while the coconut marshmallow and zucchini bread were fine.
Overall my expectations for Chikalicious were not met, but it was still fun to experience a restaurant catered solely towards desserts.
For dinner my grandmother and I rolled ourselves over to the Upper West Side where we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Ocean Grill. To begin we both started with the gazpacho soup that contained shrimp and avocado on the bottom. Hole yum! This was by far the BEST gazpacho I have ever had (and you all know I’m a gazpacho connoisseur).
After our late lunch and dessert feast we weren’t too hungry and opted for lighter entrees. My grandmother selected the crab cake appetizer
While I went with the hamachi topped spicy lobster sushi roll.
I was a bit sugared out, but my grandmother insisted on getting dessert and I happily obliged. We shared a peach cobbler sundae
and the chocolate fondue
Oh baby. That ice cream sundae was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. Both of these desserts were better than the ones we tried at Chikalicious.
As we were leaving our waiter handed us complimentary berry muffins to bring home for breakfast the next morning
and then brought out cheesecake petits fours. Amazing.
The service at Ocean Grill was impeccable and everything was highly delicious:)
I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!

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