ThaiNY Lunch, Big Avocado

by Ada on August 26, 2010

After leaving you all on Monday night I ran out to ‘Screme for some late-evening gelato. The kind people working there canoodled me into paying two dollars extra for a medium cup so that I could select two flavors. By the time I walked out I had spent a whopping SEVEN dollars on the frozen confection. Insanity.
Sometimes one must splurge a bit, however, and I walked away with two delicious flavors: Nutella Toffee and Oreo Madness. The Nutella Toffee was hands down the winner.

Tuesday morning I arose early and completed a lovely 4,000 yard swim practice. I rushed out of the pool, my hair still dripping wet, and hopped on the subway to head to work.

For lunch my coworkers and I headed to ThaiNY (pronounced tiny) for their lovely lunch special. For a very reasonable $6.95 you get your choice of appetizer and entree. I selected the Thai Salad as my entree which came dressed in a nice peanut vinaigrette.
Someone else ordered edamame and kindly shared them with the table.
For my entree I selected the vegetable green curry. I kind of want to bathe in a pool of the luxurious curry sauce. I bet the coconut milk would cure any skin dryness;) Seriously, though, I really enjoyed this dish. The curry contained the right amount of spice that left me teary-eyed but not choking in misery. I also loved the diverse array of vegetables featured throughout.
The dish came with an interestingly shaped mound of white rice. I also tried a piece of my supervisor’s mock duck meat which was holy-yum good. I need to go back to ThaiNY just to order that.
I craved something sweet after the sinus-clearing meal and opted for a cone of Tasti D-Lite. This bad-boy contained banana pudding and peanut butter flavors.
When I returned home from work I noshed on a bowl of watermelon mixed with nanner
I have to admit, I was quite the lazy girl Tuesday night and picked up a salad for dinner. This bad boy contained beets, egg whites, artichoke hearts, broccoli and peas in a red wine vinaigrette.
Later in the evening the Madre returned from a dinner out bearing leftovers. I happily took care of the veggies and rice but left the chicken kabobs untouched.
This morning I arose early and headed to swim practice where we completed a challenging 4,500 yard workout. I packed up my breakfast which consisted of yogurt mixed with cheerios, bloobs, and a nanner. I froze the entire mixture the night before to ensure that my yogurt remained cold after sitting out during swim practice. Unfortunately the mixture did not defrost too well and left behind soggy bananas. Ick. It was still edible, though. I would freeze it again but next time I wouldn’t include the banana in the mixture.
This evening I met my amigo Colin after work for a quick run in Central Park. We ran from campus to the reservoir and completed the outer loop along the bridge path. Before leaving the casa I grabbed this new S’mores flavored Balance Bar, which I absolutely adored!

On my way home I snagged this salad from the uptown Westside Market. Bad girl. What can I say, I simply crave veggies sometimes!
I also had this huge half of an avocado that I found in the annals of my fridge. Apparently this is not a regular avocado, but a “slimcado” containing half the calories and fat as a regular one. Bizarre. It didn’t taste any different than a regular one to me!
Alrighty I’m off to read for a bit and then hit the sack. I hope everyone is having a nice week so far:)