San Francisco: Day Two, Part Two

by Ada on January 6, 2011

After I left you all yesterday, I met up with Deena and we headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge was absolutely stunning, particularly since we headed there right at sunset.
The sky contained so many beautiful colors as the sun set
I just had to include this funny picture. Whenever we jump I’m always the spastic one while Deena is the graceful ballerina.
This picture cannot even come close to how spectacular the actual view was
We then piled into the car, blasting Mumford and Sons (a great band that Deena introduced me to) and headed to Berkeley. We dined at a cute little sushi joint called Joshuya.
Before our meal the server brought us complimentary miso soup
and a salad. In New York you would have to pay for both of these items!
To begin we shared the vegetable tempura
and then proceeded onto two delicious rolls, though their names are currently escaping me
Here’s Deena being creepy
Deena then drove us to a magnificent lookout over the city. I didn’t think anything could trump the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, but this certainly did. The view panned out super wide and captured all aspects of the city and surrounding suburbs.
We had such a nice time, and the views were simply breathtaking.

I’m currently sitting in the San Francisco airport about to board my flight to head home:( I hope that everyone had a nice day and stay tuned for day three of the San Francisco adventure!