Awesome Workouts

by Ada on July 31, 2011

This morning I met my friend at the pool for an awesome workout consisting of:

Warm Up:

400 free

300 pull

200 kick

100 IM

Main Set:

6×250 as follows:

2×250 200 IM/50 kick

2×250 200 stroke/50 kick

2×250 200 free/50 kick

100 cool down

6×150 as above

100 cool down

6×150 pull with paddles

8×100 kick

Total: 5300 longcourse meters in 2 hours

I ran the 3.5 miles home and then studied a bit before heading up to campus for another lovely swim workout. This one consisted of:


4×150 free, back, breast, free

8×50 free down stroke back

Main Set:







100 cool down

6×50 kick

3×50 sprint

100 cool down

Total: 3650 shortcourse yards in one hour.

The above main set really kicked my booty because the intervals were super fast. The 100s, for example, were on 1:10 and the 25s were on 15.

After some more studying I ended up going on a seven mile run in Central Park. This was certainly a good day exercise-wise.

To refuel after my three hours of swimming and one hour of running I had a straciatella/crema di grom gelato from Grom (the best gelato in NYC, in my opinion)

the most amazing peanut butter banana cocoa nib muffin from Peacefood

and about 2 bagels and 8 bowls of cereal throughout the day;)

I was originally supposed to go to Candle 79 for dinner tonight, but the plans fell through. Instead, I ended up hunkering down at home and had a nice dinner beginning with salad

and proceeding onto vegetable curry from Peacefood (what can I say, I was feeling lazy!)

With the curry I had a heaping portion of brown rice and corn fresh from the farmer’s market

And some more gelato. Nutella toffee gelato. This time I opted for ‘Screme.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!

Updated to Add: If anyone wants a ticket to HLS please email me stat! I will offer you a generous discount:) 


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