Ode to Tenzan

by Ada on July 29, 2011

Saturday night Zara and I headed to Tenzan for some sushi. To begin we shared a seaweed salad

and then progressed onto a sweet potato tempura, spicy salmon

spicy crab crunch

and dragon roll. It was a TON of food, but we totally dominated it.

I also had a piece of eel sashimi on the side

Whenever the madre and I plan to go out for dinner, we almost always end up at Tenzan. For her birthday Sunday  we had plans to visit the more-upscale Ocean Grill, but we both professed a strong desire for sushi instead.

To begin we shared a vegetable appetizer


and then shared both a healthy

and yellow roll.

along with a piece of eel and ikura

As I mentioned numerous times before, I could seriously eat at Tenzan every single day. Their sushi never fails to meet the maximum degree of freshness.

For a special birthday dessert, we got 16 Handles.

The madre’s


I wish the Madre a very happy belated birthday (it was on Wednesday!)

This week has consisted of numerous great swim workouts but, unfortunately, I am completely blanking on them all. Tomorrow, however, I am going on an EPIC run. I cannot wait to share the details of it with you all:)

Hope everyone had a nice week!





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