The Universal Language

by Ada on July 16, 2011

Hello Everyone! My apologies for the extended absence. Between work, EMT class, swimming, and studying for the GRE I’ve only been getting about three hours of sleep per night. Luckily my GRE will be over next week, so hopefully I can resume a normal posting schedule after that.

Work at the hospital has been really great. I love that I get to learn something new and interesting every single day of the week. Wednesday, for example, I attended a lecture on airway management and then Thursday got to practice intubation on mannequins. Intubation is probably my favorite clinical skill (though it obviously is never good for the patient) because I find all the theory around certain airway management techniques absolutely fascinating. The practice of preoxygenating an apneic patient, for example, is super interesting. Today I also got to attend a simulation conference on central line placement and then a workshop on suturing. During the suturing workshop we practiced both the standard and  Vertical Mattress techniques on pigs feet. We also got to practice with a staple gun and dermabond glue.

On an unrelated note, did anyone go see Harry Potter last night? I actually had a ticket and was supposed to go with friends, but ending up hitting the sack early instead. Earlier this week, however, the premiere was held at Lincoln Center and all the cast members attended. I passed by en route to EMT class and could not believe how many people crowded around.

My eats have been generally lackluster this week and have included tofu sauteeded with veggies and served with rice:

an amazing blueberry rhubarb muffin made by my superviser

vegetable curry takeout from Peacefood tonight



In other random news, a famous photographer from Germany is staying in my apartment for a week (not exactly the best timing given my imminent GRE. . .) and brought loads of amazing chocolate. She may not speak English, but chocolate is a universal language;) ¬†I must admit it’s quite strange to hear the Madre bust out in German (she lived in Berlin as a journalist covering the wall divide for many years).

Alrighty, back to studying I go. Thanks for your patience during this hectic period and sorry for such a poorly written post!