34 Miles and Lisca with Sofia

by Ada on August 23, 2011

Yesterday began like any other lazy Sunday. I woke up at 5am, hit the pool for a 90 minute workout, and then went on a 6 mile run. Mid-afternoon, I started getting antsy. I really despise wasting time, and was disappointed to have a weekend with minimal plans. Every single person I know seemed to be on vacation. In situations like these, most people would probably pick up a hobby, learn to play the tambourine, perhaps. But me? I decided to go on a 34 mile run around Manhattan.

I have done the 34 mile run before, as it is hosted monthly by an awesome guy named Damion who runs ultramarathons. He’s even done a 100 mile race! Crazy. We left campus around 2pm and headed north, following the curvature of the river. Once past the Inwood area we continued to follow the river down the East River, to South Ferry, and back up north along the Hudson. The majority of the run was completed during torrential downpours, which actually made it so much more fun! Running in the rain is totally awesome. We faced our fair share of tribulations ( Damion became very electrolyte depleted towards the end, for example), but the run was SO much fun and I’m really glad I did it a second time. Having a great and motivating running partner really makes a huge difference!

I got chafed pretty badly, but I will keep things PG-13 and show the mildest of it:

I felt really nauseous afterwards, but managed to choke down some chicken, vegetables, and corn before collapsing into bed.

I was in too much pain to really sleep and kept waking up drenched in sweat despite my high powered AC. It turned out I had a fever of 102. As Damion pointed out, however, it was most likely due to my reved up metabolism.

Today I felt absolutely horrible, like I had the flu. My entire body ached and I felt extremely nauseous. No food sounded appealing, strange considering how many calories I probably burned yesterday. Even pretzels made me want to vomit. Eventually I left work and decided to try a milkshake, which felt really good on my stomach.

I then proceeded to take a quick nap and woke up a new person! I felt SO much better and my normal appetite returned. Perfect timing, since I was meeting the amazing Sofia at Lisca for dinner.

Sofia is a fellow native New Yorker and is now also a fellow Upper West Sider. We began our meal with some bread

and then decided to share two appetizers and a pasta dish. Our first appetizer consisted of a goat cheese beet salad

while the second dish consisted of tuna tartare. Both dishes were highly underseasoned and the tuna did not appear very fresh.

For our pasta we shared the black linguine with shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce. Unfortunately, the sauce was not notably spicy and lacked significant flavor. I found myself having to apply salt, never a good sign. The atmosphere of the restaurant, however, was very nice and airy.

Afterwards we walked to Emack and Bolios for some ice cream. I grabbed a cone of oreos n’cream with rainbow sprinkles. Delish:)

I had SUCH a nice time catching up with Sofia and  am super excited for a crazy adventure we have planned over Labor Day weekend. You guys will have to stay tuned to learn about it!

On the way home I coincidentally bumped into the Madre who professed a desire for gelato. We headed into ‘Screme and grabbed a cup of Captain Crunch and Caramel Chip flavors. The Madre only had two bites and handed the rest to me. Running 34 miles certainly warrants two consecutive ice creams in my book;)

Alrighty, I hope everyone had a great start to his or her week!

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