by Ada on August 24, 2011

Hello Everyone! Thank you for your kind comments on the 34 mile run, it was certainly a fun and memorable Sunday! I apologize for neglecting many of your questions from the past few weeks, I promise to do a general Q&A style post within the coming days.

After a sound slumber I arose this morning feeling almost 100%. I headed to the pool and completed a light workout consisting of:


200 free

4×100 IM

4×50 free

Repeat twice

1×100 IM

1×100 stroke

1×100 free

Repeat four times

75 kick

50 kick

25 kick

150 swim

Repeat 3 times

1×50 sprint

1×100 fast

3×200 moderate pace

1×100 fast

1×50 sprint

100 warm down

total: 4700 yards

The cold pool water felt great and the workout really helped stretch out my muscles.

I then headed into the hospital for work. Mid-day my supervisors and co-worker and I headed out to Hane for a sushi lunch.

We got to sit outside which was nice given the gorgeous weather.

We all selected lunch specials that came with soup, salad, two appetizers, and a main dish.

Miso soup:


My supervisor selected kabocha tempura and vegetable gyoza as her appetizers

while my other supervisor selected asparagus tempura and fried crab gyoza as his

and my co-worker selected avocado tempura and the crab gyoza

I went for seaweed salad

and vegetable kebabs, both of which were quite good.

funny pic of my co-worker attempting to dodge a photo:

for his entree he selected three maki rolls

while I went with the sashimi

and my supervisors both went with the unagi don

All of the dishes were pretty tasty, though the service was incredibly slow. It was really nice, however, to just sit outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. Apparently we totally missed the earthquake that occurred in NYC. A bunch of my friends felt it and said it was quite surreal. Any of my fellow New Yorkers experience anything?

After work I headed to happy hour with the medical students who I’ve been coordinating this summer. It’s really sad that the fellowship ended and I will definitely miss them:( Hopefully I will still bump into them around the hospital though!

After happy hour I met a friend to see Harry Potter, which was absolutely amazing! So sad that the series is over, it feels like closing a major chapter of my life.

I hope everyone had a nice Tuesday:)

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