Hurricane Irene

by Ada on August 27, 2011

Yesterday was definitely one of the most fun days of my life. My office took a work retreat to Splish Splash for some quality team bonding.

Splish Splash was SO much fun. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. You can never be too old for some waterpark fun;)

Zooming down slides and screaming your lungs off can really work up an appetite. After experiencing a sufficient amount of adrenaline we headed to Riverhead for some lunch and stumbled upon the adorable Farm Country Kitchen.

At this point my camera’s battery decided to die (lame!), so I had to resort to my phone. I opted for the solee salad, which contained grilled chicken, asparagus, peppers, and goat cheese over mesclun greens.

both my supervisor and co-worker selected the filet mignon sandwich. I’ve had a serious craving for red meat lately (probably due to anemia) and think I might actually have a huge steak one of these days. . .

my other supervisor opted for a lemon chicken sandwich

I loved my salad and everyone else seemed very pleased with their selections as well. The restaurant is also situated right on a river, making it quite the little gem!

On the way home we also passed by the most adorable homemade ice cream store. You guys know my infatuation with frozen desserts, so of course we had to make a quick stop;)

my supervisor selected chocolate and peanut butter cup (which was amazing!)

while I went with cherry vanilla topped with peanut butter crunchies. Soooo good.

Today I had a nice day at work and then headed home to stock up for Hurricane Irene. I cannot believe how crazy this storm is turning out to be. The hospital adjacent to where I work was completely evacuated, but the one I work in wasn’t for some strange reason. You know a storm is serious when hospitals are evacuated.

After hearing so many people talking and worrying about the storm, I decided to load up. The grocery store was PACKED, but I managed to scrounge a bunch of bars

and tons of beverages.I’m actually going to weather the storm in the ER where I work. I figured I might as well try and be helpful, plus it should be really interesting to see how a ¬†major trauma center responds to a disaster like this. I have a feeling I will probably be stranded in the hospital until Monday, so I am packing a pillow and tons of food.

This evening I met my good friend Sarah for dinner at Luke’s. Even though we are neighbors, we barely got to see each other this summer, so it was so nice to catch-up:)

I had visited the East Village locale of Luke’s before (and LOVED it!), but had yet to visit the relatively-newly opened Upper West Side location.

As luck would have it, the prices were significantly reduced because of the hurricane! I guess they were trying to deplete their fish supply before they close for the weekend. Ten dollars for an amazing lobster roll is unheard of!

Given the reduced price, I of course opted for two. What can I say, they’re just that good. Even looking at that photo makes me salivate slightly. I love that they barely dress meat, leaving behind pure, unadulterated lobster.¬†The toasted roll and slight slathering of mayo makes for the perfect lobster roll.

For dessert we meandered over to 16 Handles and grabbed some fro-yo

I had such a nice time with Sarah and look forward to many more foodie adventures in the near future:)

Alrighty, I hope everyone has a nice weekend and stays safe. Please heed the warnings and do not leave your apartment until it’s 100% safe to do so!!!


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