Shabu-Shabu 70

by Ada on August 26, 2011

Last night I met one of my oldest friends, Tori, at Shabu Shabu for a Japanese feast. Shabu shabu means “swishing” in Japanese, and has become the moniker of the classic hot pot dish. Diners are given a pot of water over the flame and various meats and vegetables to dip in it.

Given the warm weather, we opted for sushi instead. Tori began with a green salad

while I began with a (very tiny!) seaweed salad

We also split the crab shumai

For our entree we shared the Number 3 Roll (eel, avocado, tobiko)

and a spicy tuna. Both rolls were tasty, but nothing particularly memorable. The eel roll lacked any sauce, which was kind of a bummer.

Despite the rather mediocre food, I loved the atmosphere at Shabu-Shabu and would definitely return. As soon as you walk in a smiling server greets you and ensures that you are comfortably situated at your table. Also, a waiter came out in a full blown BUNNY RABBIT SUIT. I repeat, A BUNNY RABBIT SUIT!!!! How amazing is that??? Of course we had to snap a picture with him:

Amazing. And, if that wasn’t weird enough, the woman sitting at the table next to us busted out in a full blown opera. Seriously. Everyone was looking at her strangely but she just kept chugging along with her libretto. Tori and I always seem to encounter the oddest situations.

After dinner Tori and I grabbed ice cream and walked around a bit. It was SO nice to catch-up with her, as I have known her since we were swimming together at age 10. She never fails to make me laugh and is such an amazing person:)

Alrighty, I thought I would finally answer some of your questions that you have left in the comments section or emailed me. My apologies for the delay!

1.Do you use a running belt?

Nope! I tried doing one long run with a running belt and couldn’t tolerate having something strapped to my waist. Instead, I just wear Nike shorts that have a tiny pocket in the front for my keys and then stuff everything else (i.e Gu, bars) into my sports bras. It usually results in horrible boob chafing, but I’ve gotten better about applying vaseline beforehand.

2.“I wish I could train like you, I truly do. I’m just a crappy excuse for a runner where as you’re a true athlete…do you follow a training plan or just ‘wing it?’ Ever take rest days?”

First off, I would just like to say that you should be way less hard on yourself! I’m sure you are definitely not a “crappy excuse for a runner” and are probably an amazing person:) I do not follow a training plan, per se, but am generally pretty consistent with my training plan because I swim with a team most mornings. Having a team workout schedule really helps me stay focused and on track. On the weekends, however, I tend to wing it and alternate with swims and runs depending on my mood. I most certainly take rest days, with the frequency contingent on how I feel physically. This week, for example, I took both Monday and Wednesday completely off to recover from my 34 mile run. You should listen to your body and take a day off if you feel overly exhausted or stressed. Sometimes extra sleep can superceed exercise!

3.How far do you typically cover in 90 minutes of swimming?

Hmm, it depends on the type of workout (i.e whether it’s sprint or long-distance centric), but for the most part somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 yards. I’m nowhere near the swimming shape I used to be in high school, but I do my best.

4.”Tips on taking an EMT class / general advice? i’m 99.99% sure i’m going to do it this fall.”

I guess my advice would be to be prepared for a large time comittment and to keep up with the readings. I’m not going to lie, being in class from 6pm until 10pm four nights a week was mentally grueling, but you will meet great friends and the material is quite interesting. If you have any background in medicine the material will be pretty straight forward and definitely useful. Also remember that saving one person’s life will make all of the long hours in class worth it!

I think I answered the majority of questions I received in the past couple of weeks, but don’t hesitate to let me know if you have anymore!

I hope everyone has a nice evening:)



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