ThaiNY Lunch Special

by Ada on August 19, 2011

Earlier this week my supervisor very kindly treated my co-workers and I to lunch at ThaiNY (pronounced “tiny”. Cute, no?)

ThaiNY offers an amazing lunch deal of an appetizer and entree for $6.95. To start we all opted for the Thai salad, simple greens topped with a tasty peanut vinaigrette. Visually, however, the dressing appeared like something I would swab in the ER. . .

My bro Calvin opted for the chicken pad thai, extra spicy. Everyone agreed, however, that the sauce tasted overly sweet, like someone accidentally dropped a bottle of duck sauce in there.

my supervisor opted for noodles with fake duck. I didn’t try this, but man do I enjoy me some fake duck.

I opted for my favorite vegetable green curry. I love the large variety of veggies they include and the aromatic coconut broth saturating them.

If the above dishes did not convince you to visit ThaiNY, then go purely for the conically shaped race. I mean, what doesn’t brighten your day more than seeing tiny white grains molded into a gnome’s headware?

A big thank you to my supervisor for the wonderful lunch:)

I actually just finished taking my EMT State Exam about an hour ago. There were some extremely ambiguously-worded questions, but I am sincerely hoping I passed. It’s a HUGE sigh of relief to be finished, and I am excited by how much I have learned. It was really sad, however, to say goodbye to all the great friends I’ve made:(

Workouts this week have consisted purely of swimming, I’ve swum for 90 minutes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but am blanking on the exact workouts, sorry!

Hope everyone is having a nice week:)

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