Burke in the Box

by Ada on September 25, 2011

This evening my friend Zara and I headed to Burke in the Box, a restaurant inside Bloomingdales. One cannot mention Burke in the Box without referencing this classic video. Please do not click on that link, Grandma.

Zara and I are both fans of David Burke’s whimsical restaurants, and were excited to try this outlet. The online 30 dollar pre-fixe menu also enticed us, though we discovered it actually cost 35 dollars upon arriving. Still, with the inclusion of an appetizer, entree, and dessert it is quite the bargain for a David Burke restaurant.

Upon being seated we were served wonderful, freshly-baked popovers. We both noted the bread’s similarity to a croissant, with a flaky-buttery innards. I devoured mine in three seconds flat.

Zara opted for the pre-fixe route, while I went a la carte. For her appetizer, Zara selected the tomato mozzarella salad, which came topped with asparagus and beets drizzled with a balsamic reduction. The mozarella practically melted in our mouths and tasted quite flavorful.

For her entree, Zara selected the vegetable penne. The sauce had a nice flavor similar to penne a la vodka, though we both agreed that it was WAY over-salted, as though someone had accidentally dropped the entire shaker into the pot.

For my entree I selected the lobster codd salad, sans bacon or blue cheese (blue cheese is one of my few food aversions). The salad came topped with a rather generous amount of the decadent crustacean, which tasted butter-poached. The dressing added a nice brightness to the greens, though it could have used some more acidity.

To the restaurant’s credit, they removed three dollars for the exclusion of the cheese and bacon, which I found very thoughtful.

For dessert, Zara selected the chocolate peanut buttter cake, which she graciously shared with me.

Unless ice cream is involved, I am generally not a dessert person. This cake, however, totally blew my mind and tasted like brownie batter mixed with peanut butter cookie dough. Holy yum! The nuts on top added a nice textural balance to the pudding-like cake and the strawberry ice cream complimented the peanut butter wonderfully.

And if that wasn’t enough, we were given a special treat with our check

Caramel popcorn! Such a sweet gesture and a classical example of David Burke whimsy.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Burke in the Box. I wouldn’t go out of my way to dine there again, but everything was adeptly prepared and our waitress was very kind and friendly. The bar also featured an extensive and interesting cocktail menu which I look forward to exploring upon turning 21;)

While meandering back west we stumbled upon Sprinkles, a new outlet of the famous Los Angeles cupcake joint.

the cupcakes were all so pretty and appeared well crafted.

Most of the flavors were pretty classic, but sometimes simple vanilla is all you need.

They rotate their more exotic flavors (such as chai tea and pumpkin) throughout the week as dictated by the below calender.

I am totally NOT a cupcake person, but I brought a chocolate marshmellow one home for the Madre.

I had a bite and it was pretty good. Nothing mind blowing, but the frosting was certainly made with high-quality chocolate.

So, what else have I been eating this week? Mostly light and healthier fare. I actually have to be in a swimsuit photo shoot (gulp!) with a former Project Runway participant and male model tomorrow. I must admit that I am quite nervous to rock a swim suit and pose in front of a camera. Let’s just say I’m not the most photogenic human on the planet. . . The theme of the photoshoot is “sexy. wet. intense” and no, it is unfortunately not porno.

Some of my healthier eats have included salad topped with chicken and hummus

and a vegetable curry that I whipped up one evening

I also made pumpkin chocolate chip bread using only WW flour, apple sauce, pumpkin, and chocolate, but it didn’t turn out very well so I shall spare you the recipe;)

Workouts today included a 10 mile run with a friend and a swim workout with a different friend consisting of:


1×150 free

1×150 pull

1×150 free

1×150 kick

1×150 free

1×150 IM (fly, back, breast)

Main Set:

3×200 butterfly (pretty brutal)

3×200 backstroke

3×200 free

6×150 odds pull, evens kick

200 warm down

Total: 3600 yards

My Grandma actually just started working out with a personal trainer and rides on a stationary bike for 40 minutes per day, isn’t that impressive? I hope I’m in that good shape when I get older.

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend so far! Any tips on posing for a photoshoot? I asked my friend, who is a professional model, for some pointers and she advised drinking whiskey beforehand. Awesome.




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