First Week of Classes

by Ada on September 9, 2011

Monday evening I quelled my pre first-day-of-school anxiety with dinner at Peacefood with the lovely Deena M. Deena selected one of my all-time favorite restaurant dishes, the vegetable curry.

while I selected the Caesar salad.

Both dishes were really great and it was so nice to chat with Deena:) After dinner I babysat for two cute little boys and then got ready for classes.

I actually got SUPER lucky with my scheduling and everything worked out for the best. I am currently taking Psychology of Learning with lab, Abnormal Psychology, Major English texts, and Neuroethics(for which I will have to write my 30 page senior thesis, yikes!). I am really excited about neuroethics because it sounds super interesting and was a hard class to get a spot in. It’s so weird, however, to not be taking a major science class for once!

My schedule permits me to work most days, so this morning I headed into the hospital. En route I grabbed some Korean vegetables from Woorjip in Ktown for lunch.

I also had some honey rice balls on the side

Work was great and I even got to spend some time in the prison ward, which I always find interesting. If I didn’t go into ER medicine I would love to do prison medicine.

This evening I headed to my second Central Park Track Team workout. I had already swum a workout this morning, but knew I needed to get some running mileage in.

The workout was majorly challening, since I tried to keep-up with this one speedy dude the entire time. Whenever I would fall back, he would encourage me to continue keeping up with him. We ended up completing 6 miles at an approximately 6:50 pace, which was the kick in the booty that I needed.

After running I generally have a minimal appetite. I knew, however, that the success of tomorrow morning’s swim workout depended on sufficient protein intake. I, therefore, had tofu, mixed veggies, and rice for a well-balanced dinner.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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