Mezzo Mezzo (Astoria, Queens)

by Ada on September 5, 2011

Saturday evening my friend Deena and I headed to Astoria, Queens for some dinner.

After wandering around we stumbled upon Mezzo Mezzo, a Greek inspired restaurant.

Upon being seated (in lovely outdoor seats), our server brought out a steamy loaf of fresh baked bread

along with some olives, which I got to totally annialate given Deena’s aversion to them.

For our appetizer we shared a platter of four spreads including hummus, taramosolata, tzatiki, and skordaila. The taramosalta was WAY over-salted, practically singing our taste buds. The rest of the spreads were fine but rather mediocre.

The platter came with a generous amount of grilled pita

For her entree Deena selected the grilled salmon salad. The salmon was nicely spiced, but the greens lacked sufficient dressing.

I opted for the Greek Salad, which also could have used a more flavorful dressing. Embaressingly, I started choking on a piece of onion mid-way through and had to excuse myself to the restroom to pull it out. Luckily no Heimlech manuever was involved!

Overall our meal was quite good and it was very pleasant to sit outside and enjoy one of the final summer evenings.

After dinner we meandered around more, stopping into numerous Greek grocery stores. The one pictured below is one of my favorites:


I grabbed some random items including individually wrapped chocolates, orange soda


and more Greek chocolate.

As usual, I had such a nice time with Deena:)

Now I am officially in super-stressed-out mode. Classes start tomorrow, and I haven’t even planned out my course schedule yet. I am working two jobs this semester, so I have to plan carefully and really manage my time. Today I also have to finish up a lot o

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