Sag Harbor Day Trip

by Ada on September 7, 2011

Sunday morning G picked me up bright and early and we headed into Sag Harbor, a small hamlet of the Hamptons. Growing up I spent a lot of time in Montauk and would venture into Sag Harbor as well. My last trip there ended up with me in the ER (darn you, mollusk allergy!), but luckily this trip fared much better.


When we reached the town we decided to do some open water swimming. We randomly met up with these guys wearing swim trunks, who brought us to their (gorgeous!) house and then drove us to the perfect swimming alcove along the bay. Quite the adventure! The guys turned out to be really cool and had mapped out a wonderful one-mile course.

The weather was absolutely perfect and we traversed the buoys multiple times, leading to a just-over 2 mile swim. Apparently the bay has had a serious jellyfish epidemic this summer but,luckily, we did not get stung.

For lunch we headed to Dockside, a bistro with great outdoor seating.

My eyes immediately zeroed in on the lobster salad. Yes 19 is a bit on the pricey side, but I considered this day my “vacation” for the summer, justifying the splurge.

G ordered the lobster roll, which came with a generous amount of the crustacean’s meat. Fun fact: G originally thought a “lobster roll” was literally lobster flavored bread hehe.

My salad:

Oh baby. I do love me some lobster! The greens tasted freshly picked and came topped with a large amount of meat. Just give me lobster and I am one happy camper.

After lunch we headed over to Shelter Island to explore. The journey there involves taking the car on a ferry. I usually don’t get seasick, but something about being in a car while on a ferry really disrupted my body’s equilibrium and made me extremely nauseous.

The island was absolutely gorgeous, but was primarily residential. After exploring a bit we headed back into Sag and went on a quick run. There’s nothing like getting all hot and sweaty and then jumping into cool seawater!

All the swimming really aroused our appetites and so we headed back into town before returning to the city. We passed by one of my favorite healthy eateries, Provisions, but the cafe had already closed.

Instead we went into the Corner Pub, a rather loud eatery known for it’s hopping bar. G went for a cheeseburger and fries

I saved my appetite for ice cream and got a simple cone of homemade vanilla soft serve with sprinkles. Yum!

It was such a nice day and so great to get a brief respite from the urbanity.

Today was the first day of senior year. So sad that my college career is concluding:( This morning I attended swim practice and then headed to my psychology of learning class. I then went to the hospital for a bit of work.

I must now disclose that I will also be interning for Nike this semester. I will be compensated both financially and with apparel, but any views expressed on the blog about the company will solely be my own.

Tonight we had our orientation, which was such a blast! I feel like I’m going to learn a lot about how a buisiness runs and about marketing. I also left with TONS of Nike apparel, which I was super excited about. Some of the swag included these shorts:

I practically live in Nike shorts, so I was quite the happy camper:)

We also got some shirts, a great pullover, and the sneakers that I have been pining over for almost a year! I will definitely let you guys know how they feel for running.

Working two jobs this semester is going to be a challenge, but I am really excited and determined to make it work. Having two incomes will also be of great assistance. I am hoping to save some money and eventually purchase a bike. It is slightly embarrassing to be vice president of the triathlon team and not have a functional road bike. The one pictured below is on sale for $519 (practically unheard of for a good road bike!), but I still can’t convince myself to take the plunge.

source: (

Anyone know if this is actually a decent bike?


I hope everyone had a great first day back to school/work!