Momoya and Bareburger (aka that time I ate ostrich)

by Ada on November 12, 2011

Yesterday I returned home from work to find a package on my doorstep. I opened it to find Todd English’s cook book kindly sent by Mohegan Sun.

I opened the book to find it actually signed by Todd English himself! Ahh how cool is that? Thank you so much, Mohegan Sun, for the generous gift:)

Thursday night my friend Deena kindly took me out to dinner at Momoya for my birthday. We began with the tuna avocado salad

I have to say, this is one of the best dishes I’ve consumed in recent memory. The tuna tasted extremely fresh and was cut in wonderfully thick hunks. The avocado was also quite good and accompanied the buttery decadence of the tuna well.

Next we shared the three roll combo that included a yellowtail scallion, salmon avocado, and spicy tuna rolls.

All of the rolls were very good, though not quite up to Tenzan’s high standard.

Thank you so much for a wonderful meal Deena:)

On my way home I may have picked up another ice cream sundae. . . gotta fuel for tomorrow’s Tough Mudder!

Friday I worked at the hospital all day and my supervisors, co-workers and I went to lunch at Bareburger. Bareburger prides itself on using only organic meats and toppings, so I was really excited to try it.

For my entree I selected the ostrich burger topped with pickled relish, ketch-up and onions wrapped in lettuce.

Holy yum! Ostrich might just be my new favorite food. My co-workers thought it had a strange, gamey after-taste, but I absolutely loved it. Ostrich is a red meat, but is leaner than both chicken and turkey. The lettuce wrap, however, served as an unworthy vehicle and quickly became saturated with ostrich juice.

I also opted for a side Caesar salad. Unfortunately, they put the dressing on the side which is my restaurant pet peeve.

All four of my supervisor/co-workers selected the lunch special, one original bareburger on a brioche with french fries and a beverage. Quite a good deal for the amount of food you receive!

Everything tasted really good, and I would definitely return for some more ostrich. Be prepared to wait, though, if you go for a week-day lunch. That place is hoppin!

Friday night I seriously crashed and slept for a full twelve hours. I haven’t done that in years, but I guess my body really needed it after the marathon. Today I am studying for my two midterms next week and then tomorrow is the big Tough Mudder day! Our team name is RPR Positive (medical jargon for “I have Syphilis”). Awesome. Hope you guys have a great weekend:)


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