by Ada on December 23, 2011

Ahoy there maties!

I’m so sorry for leaving you all, but I really had to focus on my thesis and exams. This morning, however, I officially finished up the semester, yipee!

Gaga says everything best.

I cannot believe I only have one more semester left of college, so sad:(

During exams I essentially habituated my room 24/7 and subsisted off of lemonade, crackers, and muffins. Luckily I also squeezed in some healthier meals, such as yogurt with frozen cherries

and salmon served with sauteed chard and potatoes

I even managed to shed my sweatpants and glam up for the emergency department holiday party. So much fun!

And yes, I look like a vampire. At least vampires are all the rage these days.

Today I received a mystery package of chocolate containing no note or return address. I’m hoping that a secret admirer named Fernado Javier sent them to me. Chances are, however, that they are from my grandmother.

I realize that, for all I know, this box could contain anthrax or some other toxic substance, but I ate them anyway. How can anyone resist chocolate?

Alrighty, I am off to wrap a multitude of presents. ‘Tis┬ánot a gift from Ada unless it’s wildly inappropriate and involves lemurs.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and stay tuned for more exciting posts;)

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