Lil Frankies

by Ada on December 5, 2011

One of my biggest failures of life has been the demise of my hip hop career. Back in the day, my rapper alias was going to be Lil’ Ada. These days, Shakespeare would be my rapper-name of choice. Come on, that’s a pretty bad-ass name for a rapper. Spittin’ raps like Shakespeare spits sonnets yo. What, you can’t envision me decked out in bling, getting crunk 24/7, and rocking a gold grill (a grill is the metal coating that rappers wear on their teeth, grandma)?

Anways, there’s no point in wallowing over failed musical endeavors. If Lady Gaga grew up on my block and reached pop stardom, I too can reach world hip hop domination. For now, I got to relive my hip hop dream by visiting Lil’Frankies in the east village with my friend Sarah.

I don’t know about you, but that Lil’Frankie looks like a real hoodlum to me.

Upon being seated we were greeted with some bread and lovely olives containing slivers of orange rind

For an appetizer we shared the roasted portabello mushroom. The ‘shroom had a deep, earthy flavor and retained a nice amount of juice. I only wish the dish possessed more salt.

For her entree Sarah selected the pizza burger, essentially one large meatball covered in sauce and cheese. She seemed to really enjoy it!

I selected the Lil Frankie salad which contained fennel, beets, zucchini, cured tuna and lovely balsamic vinaigrette. The dish was quite tasty, though the tuna tasted straight from a can.

I also really loved the atmosphere of Lil’¬†Frankies and can definitely envision it as an ideal date spot. The company was, of course, fabulous as well!

Sorry for such a brief post, but I just cranked out a twelve page lab report and my brain is totally fried. I hope everyone had a great weekend though!



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