Peacefood and Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch

by Ada on December 10, 2011

Hey Everyone

My apologies for the extended hiatus. My big senior paper is due in a week and I’ve been wracking my soul attempting to complete it. If anyone has any relavatory ideas on a just means of organ allocation please let me know!

As my fellow college students studying for final exams know, we could all use a bit of peace in our lives this time of year. It seemed fitting, therefore, that Deena and I visit Peacefood Cafe. With the dreary weather we both selected the soup and veggie combo. For my soup I went with the vegetable

while Deena went with the mushroom.

Too be perfectly honest, I found my soup completely bland.  The bowl yearned for a few additional shakes of salt.

For her veggies Deena opted for kabocha and brussel sprouts

and I selected cauliflower with kabocha.

The kabocha was great, but the other veggies fell flat. An extreme case of under-cooking rendered the brussel sprouts practically inedible, and cauliflower lacked any seasoning. I still enjoy the atmosphere of Peacefood, however, and would gladly return for some vegetable curry.

Today my supervisers and I headed out to Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch. I was super excited, since I’ve been eager to try this place for quite some time.

I took these photos on my iphone and can’t figure out how to rotate them, sorry! Guess we just have to pretend we’re inhabiting some alternate universe with a sideways slant.

Any restuarant that provides crayons earns extra points in my book;)

To start we split some curly fries, which were perfectly crisp and well-seasoned. So good.

One of my supervisers selected the grilled cheese with arugula. She definitely thought the arugula elevated the sandwich, but found it otherwise unremarkable.

My other supervisor went with lentil soup, since he was feeling pretty sick and lousy.

He also had the Santa Barbara sandwich to accompany his soup

For my entree I selected the Tuscan Salad, which came with grilled veggies, white bean salad, sun dried tomatoes and garlic bread. I absolutely loved this dish. The diversity of flavors and textures really satisfied my tastebuds.

With such an extensive menu and numerous drool-inducing menu items, I can’t wait to return to Curly’s!

In terms of this week’s workouts I’ve been swimming daily despite a shoulder injury that may or may not have arisen from my attempt to master the choreography of Swan Lake. . .

Eats have generally been lackluster and consisting of egg sandwiches:

and the BEST CHOCOLATE EVER (brought back from Paris by a friend. So amazing).

Alrighty, back to studying. On a Friday night. Gotta love finals. I hope everyone has a great weekend:)

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