The Coffee Shop

by Ada on December 23, 2011

This afternoon my supervisors, co-worker, and I headed out to uber-trendy Coffee Shop for a special holiday lunch.

I attended high school in the Union Square area, but never dined in this Brazilian-influenced eatery. The restaurant occupies a sprawling space and features female models as waitresses. Nothing like eating in front of models to make you feel good. Food served with a side of self deprecation.

Two people selected the pulled pork sandwich, and did not seem very enthused by it. They both noted that the wonder-bread style bun really degraded the dish’s quality.

The winning dish seemed to be my supervisor’s special steak fajita salad. I tried a piece of steak and, oh baby, was it good. Perfectly seasoned and nicely grilled.

Cally-G opted for the lamb stew. I tried a bite and was not overly impressed. This dish certainly screamed comfort, but lacked dimensionality.

I selected the seared tuna salad. The tuna was a tad tepid, but still tasted good. The greens were dressed in a lovely miso vinaigrette, but the dish lacked sufficient volume for a hungry athlete.

I had such a wonderful time at lunch and always enjoy spending time with the office. We are like one large, happy, dysfunctional family:)

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