by Ada on January 7, 2012

Hello Everyone! Happy 2012.

I had a rather relaxed New Year’s eve that involved this:

All you need is love. And cheap champagne. And anchovies. And some olives. Extra briney.

And this:

sushi/sashimi combo from Tenzan

And some of this:

awesome caviar

Monday I met the lovely Gena at Blossom Cafe for some lunch.

Gena opted for the raw sweet potato rolls and a side of kale

while I selected the curry salad.

The potatoes in the salad were perfectly spiced and the tofu possessed an interesting texture. It was so nice to catch up with Gena and hear about her life in DC. We both have such similar backgrounds, growing up on the Upper West Side, attending the same university, and being premed.

I don’t have many New Year’s resolutions, though I would like to cook more, work hard, and swim a lot. The latter resolution might prove difficult given my recent diagnosis of superspinitis tendonitis, a common shoulder injury swimmers. Oh well.

I kicked off 2012 with some disgusting amazing green juice.

And with a cat. A dancing cat! My supervisor gave me this awesome feline ipod speaker that dances in tune with the music. Best present ever.

My other supervisor made some delicious cupcakes. I may have eaten three within two days.

The other day the office ordered in lunch from Reserve, a Thai-themed wine bar. They offer a great lunch special of a salad, appetizer, and entree for seven dollars.

The salad:

veggie dumplings:

one of my supervisers selected duck for the entree

while I selected the veggie gra-paw

The sauce definitely had a spicy kick. I may or may not have almost died via anaphylaxis upon eating a chili pepper.

Friday we headed to Petite Abeille for lunch.

My supervisor selected the croque monsieur:

while two other people selected the famed burger. Love that Belgium flag!

I went with a new addition to the menu, the chopped salad. I subbed the cheese for some lovely smoked salmon, however.

Petite Abeille definitely serves solid food (and great beer), but I still think the prices are way overpriced for the quality.

Friday after work Cally-G and our friend It’s Hot in Hurrr headed to the Waldorf Astoria. IHIH had generously gifted her parents with a room at the hotel, so we went to check them in.

The Waldorf is an iconic New York institution known for lavish (and exorbitantly priced) rooms. I believe the price of rooms start at $715 per night. Don’t worry, IHIH had a special deal.

We went to check out the room and, man, was it beautiful!

The room was huge, featuring a luxurious bed and flat screen tv.

Even the bathroom was quite impressive!

Such a fun little adventure.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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