Brother Jimmy’s

by Ada on January 30, 2012

For our traditional Friday lunch, my supervisor/co-workers and I headed to Brother Jimmy’s.

The Historian ordered a lunch platter, which came with a generously-portioned starter salad

After an extended wait-time (at least 30 minutes), our food finally arrived.

The Historian selected BBQ chicken with sides of green beans and mac ‘n cheese.

Hot in Hurr went with the pulled pork sandwich

Beaver Dam went with a burger, per usual.

I went with the Wright Salad, a melange of wild rice, apples, pecans, and dried cherries.

The salad tasted rather bland, so I doctored it up with some BBQ sauce. Much better.

I also requested a side of pickles which further enhanced the salad’s flavor.


Overall, rather mediocre food, but a fun environment.

After work I resigned my puritanical ways and headed out to happy hour.

1.5 margaritas and a shot of tequila later, I  miraculously made it uptown to meet my friend Deena for dinner. When I got to the restaurant, I realized I had been walking through the streets holding Sir Edwin Thaddeus the Third:

I’ve decided that after graduation I will simply become a Mother Theresa of cats, bringing joy to the people of the world with my dancing gansta feline.


Be back soon with a recap of Friday night’s dinner! Hope everyone had a nice weekend:)


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