Prince Street Pizza

by Ada on January 23, 2012

Last night I was invited to sample the cuisine at the newly opened Prince Street Pizza. I brought along my friend Deena, pizza connoisseur extraordinaire.

We braved the freezing cold and equally capricious MTA conditions and eventually reached this quaint little eatery.

As a born and bred New Yorker, pizza runs in my blood. I can say with great confidence that I consumed pizza at least four times per week during my childhood. I was, therefore, excited to sample Prince Street Pizza’s offerings.

We were greeted by the warm and friendly owner, Frank, who immediately made us feel welcome. I also really liked that he referred to Mozzarella as “Mutz”.

We pulled up a stool at a counter and Frank immediately brought us nicely warmed squares of Prince Perfection, Sicilian-style slices. The pizza contains their “secret sauce”, which Frank kindly identified for me. I promise I won’t spill the secret though;) You guys should definitely go try the sauce for yourselves. I liked the slight sweetness and chunky texture, which complemented the fresh mozzarella well.

We then sampled the Neapolitan style pizza that contained fresh pieces of basil. This tasted more reminiscent of my childhood pizza and had a lovely char.

At this point I was bursting at the seems, but forged ahead to sample the Mercer Margherita, thin-crusted Sicilian style pizza. This was hands down my favorite slice of the evening. The sauce possessed so much vibrancy, yet did not overpower the Mutz. The crust also retained the perfect crunch and a comforting flavor.

I really enjoyed the pizza at Prince Street and would definitely return. Highly recommended if you find yourself in Soho craving pizza.

After rolling ourselves out, we meandered around Soho. We happened upon an adorable bakery and intuitively entered.

Though I’m not a huge baked goods fan (ice cream all the way!), many of the creations sounded great. I exhibited great restraint, however, and walked away with a sole slice of cake.

This, my friends, would be Nutella Chocolate Chip Cake, aka all that is good in the world.

I’m going to make a bold statement and proclaim this the best cake I’ve had in recent memory. It blew Magnolia out of the water. The actual portion was super moist and combined perfectly with the nutella frosting.

On a totally different note, I realized I haven’t done a “These are a few of my Favorite Things” post recently. Here we go!

Bib Boards

For the past few years I’ve been hoarding bibs from all my races. Each race contains such unique memories that I truly treasure. I, therefore, decided to actually get a cork board and hang them all up. I also included random items, such as a copy of a Letter to the Editor that I got published in the NY Times, and an article printed right after Obama’s inauguration.

Judy Blume Books

For my adolescent psych class I had to read a Judy Blume book. Man do those bring back memories! I used to spend days huddled under my covers reading them. What were your favorite childhood books? Other favorites include anything by Ronald Dahl.

Winnie Ille Pu

Sifting through my books I also discovered Winne the Poo. Written in Latin! Can’t believe I used to be able to semi-read that.

Beanie Babies

I am finally relinquishing my hoarder tendencies and cleaning out my closet. I have well over 100 Beanie Babies to donate, including the special edition Princess Diana one. ¬†You know you’ve made it big in the world when you’re memorialized in Beanie-baby form.

Hunter Boots

I always swore I would never purchase the over-priced wellies, but the recent snowstorm made me quickly change my mind. Now that I took the plunge, I absolutely love them! Paired with my lumberjack scarf for the perfect winter-wear.


My cold weather damaged lips have been really digging this Rice Krispie flavored lipbalm lately. I actually bought that particular stick in the late ’90s, but it still works fine!

Vintage Watches

This watch only cost five dollars, but I absolutely love it. So simple and classy. I enjoy envisioning the previous owner using it to keep time.

What items have you been digging lately?

Please note that I was contacted directly by a PR representative for Prince Street Pizza and that my meal was provided gratis. All opinions expressed on this blog, however, always conform to my honest beliefs.


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