by Ada on January 20, 2012

Today the office took a brief respite and headed to Riverpark for a restaurant week lunch. Riverpark is located mere steps from the ED’s ambulance bay, rendering it the optimal location for a quick lunch.

Situated on the East River, the restaurant offers sprawling views of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The serene view really removes you from the hectic urbanity, providing much needed relaxation.

For restaurant week, you get three courses for $24.07 (the seven cents is super important). The normal lunch special at Riverpark actually costs 28 dollars, a pretty good deal for three courses.

Upon being seated we were served individual pieces of warm bread. The miniature baguette had a lovely crust freckled with specks of sea salt.

Both Master Michalaeous Shakespeare Bunny Froo Froo Bibby Navajo Jim Mickey Moo Rogers (thus forth abbreviated as M) and Hot in Hurr selected the eggplant bruschetta for their appetizers.

First of all, this was a HUGE slice of bread, almost like a miniature pizza. This probably constituted my favorite dish of the meal. The wonderfully charred eggplant was drizzled with honey, lending an understated element of umami.

Cally-G and Beaver Dam selected the braised chicken soup.

I did not taste the soup, but loved the presentation and variance of ingredients.

For my appetizer I selected the baby lettuce salad containing marinated vegetables in a champagne vinaigrette.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the large portion size and the freshness of the vegetables. My favorite part was the marinated beets which felt vibrant on the palate.

For his entree M selected the pork steak.

I did not try this dish, but he seemed to enjoy it.

Both Cally-G and Hot in Hurr selected the oyster tacos.

Both reported good things! I am actually allergic to all mollusks, but tasted some of the pickled onions and absolutely loved them.

For my entree, I selected the roasted arctic char with sweet peppers and fingerling potatoes.

The very generous portion of fish tasted freshly caught and retained a rich texture. The sweet peppers lightened up the dish and the charred skin added a nice crunch.

Beaver Dam selected the cheeseburger, but I didn’t get a picture.

For dessert we shared beignets, accompanied by a wonderful chocolate sauce and espresso custard

I have never experienced beignets before and found them quite analagous to funnel cake. Though not a huge fan of fried dough, I did go gaga for the espresso custard.

For my dessert I selected the black forrest sundae.

Oh baby. So many different components (cake, cherry sauce, pistachios, ice cream) and all combined harmoniously. I could seriously solely subsist off of sundaes like this.

Not saccharine fans, Hot in Hurr and M selected the cheese plate.

The fresh honey comb combined very nicely with the variety of fromage.

Overall I really enjoyed Riverpark and would definitely return for lunch or to watch the sunset at night. I would highly reccomend the restaurant for a romantic date or for dining with family.

As an extra bonus the building offers wooden benches to sleep off the inevitable food coma that will follow!

Hope everyone had a nice day:)

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