Healthy Eats (Organic Avenue and Candle Cafe)

by Ada on February 6, 2012

I fully support gluttony. Really, I do.

But sometimes things sneak up on you. Like malicious colds inhabiting your nasal passages, leaving your body yearning for the nutritional assets of fresh produce.

Some salubrious meals consumed within the past few days have included mustard-coated salmon with sauteed spinach and baked sweet potato.

Some fare from the newly-opened Organic Avenue

I opted for a green juice

and some cold oatmeal (sorry for the dreadful photos!)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of either. The oatmeal tasted strangely carbonated and practically rancid. Though I felt trendy drinking it, the green juice contained an over-heightened flavor of banana and a grainy texture. Not worth the extremely expensive price tag.

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting my friend Amy, my fellow vegan-food enthusiast, at Candle Cafe. We both began with the special miso soup:

While spending seven dollars on soup makes me internally cringe, this soup is special. They add interesting ingredients, such as mirin, which balance the miso’s inherent saltiness and adds a sweet note.

For our entrees with both selected our standard Good Food Plate. Amy selected beets, mixed veggies, and sweet potato with a peanut vinaigrette.

I selected a double order of seaweed, beets, and mixed veggies with ginger soy and carrot ginger dressing. So good!

Lest you think I have converted into an entirely virtuous being, here is what I chased the Candle meal with:

Yup, that would be Sixteen Handles. Balance is everything!

Hope you had a nice weekend:)


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