Blockhead Burritos

by Ada on March 15, 2012

Last night I met my lovely friend Zara at Blockhead’s, a chain burrito restaurant. I originally thought the restaurant was called BLACKhead’s and wondered why they had named it after clogged facial pores.

Upon being seated we were greeted with the requisite chips and salsa

We also ordered guacamole, a rather purist variety tasting mostly of avocado (not a bad thing!)

Zara selected the chicken fajita wrap and seemed to enjoy it.

I went with a bowl containing spanish rice, salsa, roasted veggies and sour cream. Blech. The roasted veggies tasted super greasy and the rice lacked sufficient seasoning. Probably my fault for ordering poorly, next time I would definitely get a burrito.

Blockhead’s would be a great place to get drunk off of cheap drinks and eat mediocre food. If that doesn’t appeal to you, than I would not recommend this establishment. The music was WAY too loud and I spotted some frat boys from my school. They do, however, cater to vegan diets if that’s your thing. I should also warn you that they add the tip onto the bill, which I find rather annoying. I guess they want to ensure that drunk people don’t leave without paying service.

In other news, I survived a 3.5 hour bike ride today without dying! Yeehaw!

Hope everyone has a great evening:)

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