by Ada on March 21, 2012

With the unseasonably warm temps hitting NYC, my supervisors/co-workers and I decided to seek outdoor seating for lunch. We ventured over to Hane, a local sushi restaurant. The last time we all dined there was during an earthquake, but luckily no natural disasters occurred this time.

We all selected the lunch special which comes with miso soup, salad, two appetizers, and an entree.

Standard miso soup:


Cally-G selected age-dashi tofu and avocado tempura for his appetizers. Can’t go wrong with deep-friend avocado!

The Historian selected salmon tatayaki and fried crab gyoza.

Hot in Hurr selected seaweed salad and vegetable tatayaki

while I selected seaweed salad and kabocha tempura.

For his entree the Historian selected a chicken and egg rice bowl

Cally-G selected seafood udon

Hot in Hurr went with unagi don

and I selected the tuna salad

My salad was a bit lackluster and dressing-saturated, but the other dishes were pretty solid. Overall the food is rather mediocre, but the lunch deal and outdoor seating make for a satisfying experience.