Swimming Lingo Decoded

by Ada on March 14, 2012

Saturday morning was the Multisport (aka triathlon) expo conveniently held on my college campus.

The expo featured both lectures and various booths.

I event got to meet the famous nutritionist Nancy Clark! I actually own one of her books about athlete nutrition.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but in April I will be flying to Alabama with my teammates to compete in Triathlon Collegiate Nationals.

I finally got a road bike, which I means I won’t have to do the race on a clunky mountain bike, score! The stars aligned and I finally found an amazing deal.

The impending nationals also means it’s time to increase training. I’m on Spring Break this week, and have solely been focussed on work and exercise. Today, for example, I swam in the morning, worked, walked 8 miles, and then swam again this evening.

As promised, here is some swimming lingo decoded!

longcourse= a 50 meter (aka Olympic distance) pool

shortcourse= 25 yard pool

SCM=shortcourse meters=25m pool

IM= individual medley=fly, back, breast, free

Medley Relay= back, breast, fly, free

25= 1 length

50= 2 lengths

etc. . .

hypoxic= limit breathing (hypoxic 3, for example, means breathe every third stroke)

pull= arms only, use a pull buoy

I think that’s it, but let me know if you don’t understand anything else!

Good training also involves good nutrition, so I’ve been attempting to consume well balanced meals including salad

and salmon with spinach

and of course ice cream! They do say colorful foods are healthiest. . .

I hope everyone has a great week!

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