Paulie Gee’s

by Ada on May 24, 2012

Sunday night my friend K.Wizzle and I headed to the famed Paulie Gee’s, located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Greenpoint is quite the schlep from Manhattan, but the great pizza easily justifies the pilgrimage.

I can’t recall the pies exact names, but I believe this was the Greenpointer and contained arugula, tomato, and prosciutto. Though the crust arrived perfectly charred and nicely leavened, the toppings tasted rather one-dimensional. A drizzle of balsamic would have easily elevated the dish’s gustatory appeal.

Next up was the King Harry IV pie that contained tomatoes, provolone, meatballs, sliced mushrooms, and raisins.

These toppings fared much better and commingled to create a lovely flavor profile.

I know I mentioned this already, but man-oh-man was that crust good! Only a seasoned pizza veteran can produce a crust of that caliber.

During the dinner we even got to meet the famed Paulie Gee himself, who roamed the restaurant chatting with patrons. You can tell this guy pours his passion into his eatery. Such a fun adventure and definitely a recommended restaurant!


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