by Ada on May 28, 2012

Saturday night my mom’s friend very kindly invited a group of us out to celebrate my graduation. We ventured downtown to Prune, not the dried fruit that relaxes the anal sphincter muscles, but the famed eatery of Chef Gabrielle Hamilton.

The restaurant occupies a quaint East Village location with open windows that permit the flow of summer air. Upon being seated our server greeted us with addictive fried chickpeas.

We kicked off the celebration with a wonderful bottle of champagne and an array of appetizers.

The appetizers included moules (which I did not sample given my mollusk allergy)

soft shell crab
and a shaved zuchinni salad.

The simple salad ingredients combined to form a texturely and flavorfully diverse dish.

For my entree I selected the minestra verde

This dish was the sole flop of the evening. Though there wasn’t anything wrong with it per se, it was just rather ¬†boring. The sauce tasted merely of butter and little else. At least I can now say I sampled a fiddlehead fern!

Side dish of buttered peas:

Other entrees included soft shell crabs

and a whole branzino, which the restaurant filleted upon request.

The soft shell crabs were probably the best I’ve ever tasted, perfectly juicy and vibrant from the lemon juice.

Cherries with the bill and a complimentary glass of moscato:

I should also note that we had a wonderful server who checked on us at appropriate intervals and provided witty commentary.

I really cannot thank my mom’s friend enough for taking us out. She is not only extremely successful and intelligent, but very kind as well. I hope I can be half as successful as her one day!

After dessert we jettisoned over to the happiest place on earth: The Big Gay Ice Cream Store.

Unicorn themed interior design:

I selected the American Glob, a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate and pretzels.

Definitely the best thing I’ve consumed in a VERY long time. Heaven.

Thank you to my mom’s friend again for a wonderful evening!


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