The DL

by Ada on May 11, 2012

Hello Everyone! My apologies for the recent blog dormancy, I had to survive final exams. Now I am completely done with college and getting ready to graduate in 3 days!

Last night my friend Doc Lion and I had the pleasure of visiting The DL, a bar/restaurant on the lower east side.

The restaurant has a very sultry atmosphere, perfect for a romantic date or girls night out.

To drink I began with a Black Magic, composed of bourbon, cherry puree, and Poprocks. Not gunna lie, the poprocks completely sold me on the drink.

The drink tasted reminiscent of a margarita without being overly sweet.

The DL features a tapas-style menu, with many interesting spins on traditional gastropub cuisine. The chef kindly brought out numerous dishes, so that we could sample the majority of the menu.

To begin we had Lobster Crack, cracked lobster claws and knuckles steamed in tarragon and vermouth.

As a lover of all things lobster, I definitely enjoyed this dish. I also liked that they provided bread to sop up the excess sauce.

Next we had the Crock O’Lamb, lamb moussaka containing layers of sliced eggplant, potatoes and lamb.

This hearty dish would definitely be perfect for a frigid winter evening. The different flavors commingled well and spoke to the chef’s Parisian roots.

Up Next: Grilled Cheese. Humboldt fog (great name right?) on 12-grain bread served with heirloom tomato soup.

This dish was a great spin on a classic childhood comfort food. The combination of the melted cheese and drizzled balsamic added an extra dimension of flavor. The heirloom soup also possessed a great flavor strong enough to constitute a dish without the sandwich.

Continuing on the fromage theme we had the trio of Ludlow Mac, consisting of the bacon/apple, lobster/chive, and truffle/mushroom varieties.

As though mac and cheese wasn’t gluttonous enough, The DL also adds bechamel to the sauce. Despite the variety in toppings, the mac and cheese all tasted rather monolithic. You can never go wrong, however, with lobster and truffles.

Next came a lighter dish, Spicy Big Eye, tuna poke with sticky rice and Thai pesto.

Close-up of the tartare:

The pesto was a bit on the oily side, but the tuna had a great flavor with a lingering spicy kick.

Afterwards came one of our favorite dishes of the evening:Rice Crispy Coated Monkfish

We both loved the red lobster broth and the accompanying sauteed shitakes. A great combination of textural diversity and complex flavors.

At this point we felt our stomachs exploding, but forged ahead with truffle pops, risotto croquettes in a white wine broth.

Again, the broth bordered on overly oily, but the combination of fiery and sharp flavors worked well.

Next: Merguez Pizza

This was another of my favorite dishes. The tzatziki sauce offered a cooling contrast to the heavier lamb sausage. The dill on top elevated the dish even further.

We then progressed onto the PB&J sandwich, a pork belly and guava jam slider.

Oh baby. Fatty and juicy pork belly. Sweet guava jam. Cooling cabbage. This dish was a winner.

At this point our stomachs protested, forcing us to wave the white flag of culinary defeat. OK, OK, the waiter promised. No more food.

Five minutes later he returned. “I lied”, he said. “One more dish”.

Gastropods-conch fritters served with a tropical slaw.

Though the moniker sounds like the cross-contamination of a modern art exhibit and gastrointestinal illness, the dish actually tasted quite good. As an added bonus conch is one of the few natural aphrodisiacs.

Our spread:

For dessert our server brought out chocolate pistacho cake topped with ice cream

and blueberry and banana pudding tiramisu

Though well-beyond the food coma stage, we still managed to make a substantial dent in these desserts. Though we enjoyed both, the clear favorite was the chocolate pistachio cake. Hard to go wrong with molten chocolate.

We had such a fun evening and left stuffed to the extreme. I would definitely recommend the DL for both their interesting drinks and innovative gastropub cuisine.

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must note that the restaurant contacted me directly and asked me to review it. The meal was, very kindly, provided gratis (thank you so much!). Any opinions expressed on the blog, however, are solely my own.


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