Buster’s Cafe

by Ada on July 20, 2012

Last week my wonderful friend Sarah and I headed to Buster’s for dinner. Buster’s occupies an inconspicuous storefront on Amsterdam Avenue, directly across from the fortress-like ¬†youth hostel.

To begin we both selected the beet salad, featuring farmer’s market beets. The owner, a very endearing Cuban gentleman, heads to the market in the morning and plans the daily specials based on the available produce.

The different types of beets (yellow, heirloom, and traditional red) all possessed varying flavors, with some more earthy and others extra sweet. The toasted walnuts, goat cheese, and vinagrette all commingled to create an excellent salad.

For her main course Sarah selected the pasta verde, assorted vegetables and penne tossed in a pesto sauce.

I’m not a big pasta person, but really enjoyed this dish. The pesto tasted almost creamy, rather than the traditional oily affair.

For my entree I selected the tuna nicoise, a dish I almost always order when present on a menu.

Though I wish the tuna had been seared and not canned, you could tell it was the imported, high quality kind. All of the vegetables were extremely fresh, with the tomatos appearing vibrantly red.

To accompany the check (which I might add was extremely reasonable), the owner brought us cookies. What a sweet (hehe) way to conclude the meal.

Just when I had given up hope on the culinary prospects of my new neighborhood, Busters saved the day. I definitely plan on returning soon and sampling the remainder of the expansive menu. I should also note that Buster’s is BYOB, making it a real gem in a gastronomical wasteland.

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