Coney Island:Grimaldi’s

by Ada on July 5, 2012

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a great fourth of July. I spent mine on an epic 13 hour hike that involved a death-defying navigation through elevated cliffs. Fun times!

Last Saturday K-Wiz (not to be confused with K-Fed. . .) and I headed to Coney Island.  While strolling along the boardwalk we popped into Coney Island Ice Cream for a frozen treat.

I selected the cherry chip, which tasted slightly artificial but hit the spot.

We then headed to the Wonder Wheel and admired the views from the top:

Photo credit to K-wiz for both of these shots

K-wiz and I have a special magnetic force that attracts strange people to us. ¬†People will literally walk up to us, unprovoked, and tell us their life story. First their was Joe on the Long Island Railroad who climbs buckets for kicks and who’s wife was going through menopause. Next there was the woman on the subway to Coney Island who went into depth on her husband’s bypass surgery and how her apartment lacked air conditioning. As a native Brooklynite she recommended we visit Grimaldi’s for dinner.

The Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge attracts tons of tourists who wait hours to sample the pizza. We visited the Coney Island location and were not impressed. The pizza sucked. The service sucked. I will leave it at that.

Despite the lackluster pizza we had such a great day and enjoyed becoming best friends with random strangers on the subway.

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