Red Hook Lobster Pound

by Ada on July 8, 2012

As previously noted, I recently moved into my own apartment. Last weekend my mom, the madre’s amigo, and I headed to the Ikea in Redhook, Brooklyn to scout some furniture.

Manuvering through the Ikea crowds reved up our appetites, so we headed to Red Hook Lobster Pound.

Accoutrements to the crustacean included freshly squeezed lemonade

and salt and vinegar chips.

Now for the main event:

chilled claw meat tossed in a lemon mayonnaise.

Holy yum! Wonderfully succulent bits of lobster combined with the acidic twang of lemon juice. As good as this tasted, however, I still think Luke’s Lobster wins.

The trip to Ikea was a success and I found the perfect table and chairs. The package went from this:

to this:

And finally this with the help of K-wiz:

Success! Full photo tour to come once the apartment is completely assembled;)

Also, congrats to the winner of the Schwinn Water Bottle, who has already been emailed!

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