Thai Market

by Ada on July 18, 2012

Hey Everyone! Still no Internet in my new apartment, hence the lack of recent posting. Time Warner is coming Friday, however, to install it. I DO have a shower curtain, though!

Last week Kev (formerly K-wiz) and I visited one of my new neighborhood eateries, Thai Market.

To begin we shared fried calamari

and Goong Chea Nam Pla, raw shrimp tossed with chile, lime juice, fish sauce, mint and garlic.

For his entree Kev had the Gra Prow Kai Dow, minced chicken tossed with chili and served with a fried egg

I had the Tau Hoo Rard King with mock dock instead of tofu.

The dish was good, though the sauce was a tad too gelatinous for my tastes. Kevin’s dish was the clear winner with it’s varied textures and amalgamation of various flavors.

Thai Market on Urbanspoon

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