Havana Central and Il Cibreo

by Ada on August 21, 2012

Hello Everyone! Long time no see. I’ve been busy enjoying life as a twenty-something NYCer, but promise to break this recurring drought of blog posts.

Between graduating college, starting my full-time job, moving into my own place this summer has certainly been a whirlwind! Upon your request, I thought I would provide a little tour of my new digs. Please excuse the poor iPhone photo quality.


Biking area:


Table/ door to garden (yes, I actually have a garden!)

bed with my chihuahua pillow:

There you have it, my humble abode! I really do love this place and feel very at home here.

Kevin and I continued our quest to sample the majority of neighborhood eats, visiting the infamous Havana Central.

To start we shared fried plaintains topped with assorted meats.

For my entree I selected the chopped salad, which contained an overwhelming quantity of beans compared to the other accoutrements.

Kev selected the cubano sandwich that came on a nicely toasted white bread.

Though I would return for some sangria the food was definitely mediocre and underwhelming.

On another evening we visited Il Cibreo, a popular eatery I somehow never visited during my four years of college.

Warm foccacia with olive oil to start:

To start we shared the grilled octopus salad, which contained a paltry amount of the aforementioned gastropod. The exiguous pieces, however, were nicely cooked and contained a lovely charred flavor.

Kev selected the rigatoni arabesca and added grilled chicken. The sauce had a nice spicy kick, yet simultaneously tasted comforting.

I selected the chopped salad with grilled shrimp. Though still tasty, the bitter radicchio overpowered any other flavors within the melange of mixed veggies.

Though not outstanding, Il Cibreo certainly provides comforting Italian flare at reasonable prices.

After a budgetary binge I’m now attempting to cook the majority of meals and eat healthier. With triathlon season in full swing workout intensity has slightly increased, with most days including a 1.5 hour swim supplemented with some other form of physical activity. Yesterday, for example, Kevin and I did a sixty mile bike ride in New Jersey. What are your tips for maintaining the high caloric and nutritional needs of an athlete on a modest budget?

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