Lake George Olympic Distance and Half Iron Tris

by Ada on September 8, 2012

These past few weeks have included quite a few triathlons. First up was the Mossman Olympic distance tri in Connecticut.

After a frantic race start that included sprinting to transition and haphazardly flinging the contents of my bag everywhere, we made it to the water on time.

Overall the race went pretty well despite my bike brake rubbing against my wheel the entire time. The bike course consisted of five, 5-mile loops which a got a bit monotonous at times. Still fun to just be outside and hang out with the team mates!

After the race we all headed to a very authentic Mexican restaurant in Stanford.


I went with a rather standard chicken salad, but Kevin selected a more authentic platter of assorted Mexican fare.

Labor day weekend the team headed to Lake George for another Olympic distance tri. My pre-race routine always consists of nighttime ice cream and jamming out to Eminem’s Lose Yourself, Lil Wayne’s Drop the World, and Mac Miller’s Loud.  This cone of cookies and cream soft serve certainly did not disappoint.

The Lake George race course exceeded all pre-conceptions with it’s gorgeous swim, scenic bike route, and well-marked run. The weather was also perfect, with sunny skies and low humidity.

Though somewhat pleased with my swim and run splits, the bike definitely needs a TON of work.

Post-race the majority of the team headed back to the city, but our friends Darbi, Tyler, Laura, Jonathan, Kevin and I decided to make a weekend trip out of it.

After chowing down on post-race offerings we headed to Adirondack Brewery for some heartier fare.

I started with a protein-laden beef soup

and proceeded onto a chicken salad with nicely candied walnuts.

We then headed to Ice Cream Circus for a post-race treat

I got a vanilla cone dipped in butterscotch with rainbow sprinkles.

Darbi and Tyler had completed an Ironman the previous weekend (and Darbi qualified for Kona, I might add!!!!) and had planned on doing the Lake George Half Ironman the day after our olympic tri. Somehow they convinced Kevin and I to compete in the Half Iron distance as well. Kevin’s birthday was Sunday and we figured that doing a half iron would be a great way to ring in the new year!

For those of you un-inducted into the world of triathlons, a Half Iron consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run.

The thought of biking 56 miles seriously worried me, but Darbi and Tyler managed to assuage any obdurate anxiety.

After signing our race waivers we headed to Subway for our pre-race dinner. Staying with Tyler and Darbi offered interesting insight into the world of a pro triathlete. Though Darbi is not officially pro, she wins most races she competes in and, as previously mentioned, recently qualified for Kona.

Darbi and Tyler generally consume veggies and baked potatoes the evening before a race, but our lack of microwave eliminated those options. Instead we stuck with the safe option of subway. I selected a six-inch sub with turkey, veggies, guacamole and mustard.

I was surprised that Darbi and Tyler consume vegetables the evening before a race, since I always assumed the fiber could lead to gastrointestinal difficulties and discomfort. According to them, however, the veggies clear the GI tract race-day morning, allowing them to start the race without that onerously heavy-stomach feeling.

I did not sleep much the night before the half iron, my lack of dormancy attributed to a mix of utter nervousness and excitement. Our alarms went off at 4am race day morning and we headed to the start.

So, how did the actual race go? It ended up being super, super fun! I found myself smiling the entire race and just enjoying being outside and absorbing the picteresque scenery. Though I, yet again, had a super slow bike split, my run felt great and my legs never felt painfully tired.

Did get some pretty gnarly blisters that bled through my sneakers though:

A HUGE thank you to Darbi and Tyler for convincing Kevin and I to do the race. The weekend could not have been more perfect. I can’t wait to do my next Half Iron and have already been researching potential future races.

Oh, and did I mention that Darbi got first place for females a second day in a row???? So amazing.

All participants who competed in both the Olympic distance and Half Iron distance received growlers of beer from the Adirondack Brewing Company. I selected the summer special of white peach ale.

In addition, I also won a raffle and got a free 400 dollar wetsuit!!! So exciting!

Immediately post-race I consumed two cartons of chocolate milk, two containers of Chobani yogurt, watermelon, numerous glasses of Gatorade, cookies, and pretzels.

Our drive home included the requisite post-race ice cream:

and a pit stop at Quiznos for soup

and a veggie sub

After competing in two extremely strenuous athletic events, my appetite was not as increased as expected. Some eats throughout the week included Absolute bagels:

And this HUGE platter from a local Ethiopian restaurant, Massawa.

And many, many more ice cream cones.

In terms of exercise I took Monday off and swam the remaining days of the week. Definitely looking forward to my next tri on September 30th.

Hope everyone had a nice week!

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