L’asso EV

by Ada on September 11, 2012

Last night Kevin and I headed to L’asso EV, an Italian restaurant specializing in organic pizza creations located in the East Village

The interior of the restaurant felt retro chic and slightly industrial. A hip spot for an evening with friends or romantic date.

Before beginning our feast we had the pleasure of meeting the very friendly Chef Joseph who described the trajectory of our impending meal. First up was the fried tomato appetizer.

This was hands down one of my favorite dishes of the evening. The tomato was cut into rustic rounds and coated in a slightly sweet cornmeal batter. The rounds were nested atop a tumulus of pesto and drizzled with balsamic. To elevate the dish even further an orb of creamy burrata  lay atop the slices. The cool burrata, with it’s slightly melted interior, complimented the warm tomatoes nicely and combined perfectly with the basil and balsamic.

Next up was the Fresca Salad, containing cucumber, corn, tomato, basil, cilantro, radish and watercress.

As a lover of greens I really wanted to like this salad. Though all the ingredients tasted good, the bitterness of the watercress overpowered the thin dressing.

Our next dish consisted of Eda’s meatballs

This dish epitomized comfort food with it’s chunky sauce and interspersed hunks of cheese. The tender meat easily fell apart and the sauce tasted so flavorful we ate it by the spoonful.

Next came the main event: the Muffaletta deep dish pizza, in homage to the famed Italian sandwich

This dish, which would easily satisfy the daily caloric intake of Michael Phelps, contained layers of Italian meat, melted cheese, and a sprinkling of peppers. The wonderful organic crust had a nice crunch to it and balanced out the salinic meats. One slice of the pizza was enough to induce a deep food coma.

To accompany the pizza the Chef provided us with this chipotle hot sauce, which I could have easily drank a bottle of, so tasty!

Interior shot:

Just as we thought we would explode the chef brought out a warm, gluten free chocolate chip cookie topped with cinammon gelato.

Oh baby. Few things in life rival the pleasure of a warm cookie oozing with melted chocolate chips. We both could not believe the cookie was gluten free as it tasted identical to it’s wheat laden friend.

We had such a nice time at L’asso EV and I definitely look forward to returning to sample some of the more creative pizza creations, such as the Polish one topped with kielbasa and pickles. Thanks to Chef Joseph for a tasty evening!

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that I was contacted directly by L’asso EV and that the meal was provided gratis. I try to maintain as minimal an amount of bias as humanely possible, however, and all views expressed on the blog are solely my own.



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