Bait and Hook

by Ada on October 26, 2012

Last night Hot in Hurr and I visited Bait & Hook, a new seafood shack located near Union Square.

The restaurant features a nautical design and welcoming bar area offering an impressive selection of organic beers. We sat at a window table and enjoyed watching the eclectic east villagers pass by.

To begin our waitress recommended the beet salad, a lovely medley of the herbacious biennial, crumbled goat cheese, toasted pistachios and fresh herbs. The salad sat atop a Greek yogurt sauce that mellowed out the salience of the goat cheese.

Upon deciding what to order our waitress raved about the cole slaw, stating she would visit the restaurant solely for that side dish. Naturally, such an enthusiastic endorsement piqued our interest and we immediately selected the slaw.

The cole slaw arrived dressed in a wonderful buttermilk-poppy seed dressing that enlivened the traditional mayo. Definitely a winning accoutrement.

For our main course we decided to split two entrees. First up was the lobster roll.

Most lobster-centric establishments select either butter or mayonnaise in dressing the meat. Bait & Hook serves as the rogue ruffian by dismissing tradition and instead ┬átossing the tender meat in a gluttonous mixture of both mayonnaise and the beloved churned cream. The combination amplified the crustacean’s decadence and the hint of lemon juice maintained the dish’s traditional lightness. I’ve sampled many lobster rolls in my prime, and this might be my new favorite in the city.

The accompanying salad also added virtuosity to an otherwise dietary splurge.

For the second entree we shared shrimp and grits. The shrimp were mostly well cooked and tasted divine dipped into the uber-creamy grits. The kale constituted one of the sole flops of the evening, with an overly salinic taste that singed our taste buds.

For dessert we shared the brownie a la mode.

Yes, this tasted just as amazing as it looks. I particularly enjoyed the chopped pecans scattered around the brownie’s base.

Hot in Hurr and I really enjoyed the food at Bait and Hook and look forward to returning to sample more menu items!

In accordance with FTC guidelines I must disclose that the restaurant contacted me directly and that the meal was provided gratis. All views expressed on the blog, however, represent my honest opinions.

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