Cafe Du Soleil

by Ada on October 16, 2012

A couple of Fridays ago Kevin and I had a spontaneous date night at Cafe du Soleil, a local French establishment.

We began with goat cheese croquettes drizzled with honey, a nicely elevated element of a very traditional dish.

and proceeded onto lamb for Kevin

and a cobb salad for myself

The lamb was perfectly cooked, nice and succulent while simulatenously flavorful. The artfully composed cobb salad contained a myriad of interesting ingredients that all commingled nicely.

For dessert we shared the chocolate hazelnut and cinnamon gelato

along with the classic creme brulee

While the creme brulee possesed a rather muted tasteand lacked a substantial saccharine exterior, the gelato scored big with it’s smooth texture and pronounced flavor.

Cafe du Soleil constitutes a solid neighborhood spot and I look forward to sampling more of las viendes in the near future.



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